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Family fun!

So, our first family vacation has come and gone and good news:  WE SURVIVED.

To those of my bloggy friends who are new parents or expecting, let me just bust your bubble and tell you that vacations are vastly different with a little one.  (Just add that to the ever-growing list of things that just aren't the same as before having your babe!)  It's funny, you plan all these family outings and fun adventures (such as going to the zoo) and your baby could CARE LESS!  Not to mention, they have no idea what's really going on.

I think Presley had the most fun when we were at the hotel just relaxing in the room... aka, something we could just do at home!!!  :) Included in the things I thought Presley would be psyched about was swimming.  Here is part of her first experience swimming in our hotel's pool:

Presley's first swim experience!
She didn't love it but after the first few dips she didn't totally hate it, either!  It was a little tough at first to get Presle…

Happy three month birthday, Presley girl!

We made it to month three, wow!!! So many little things have changed in this amount of time and they mostly have come and gone without much recognition as I'm not the best at keeping up with her progress on here. I just updated last week on what she's been up to, so hopefully I can find something else to talk about now.

For starters, let's go with nursing. I always expected that breast feeding would be something I did out of force and definitely would not be something I enjoyed, but I kinda think I enjoy it now! I know, that's a weird way to put it, but I am still somewhat mixed on it depending on the day. But for the most part I love the bonding time with Presley. I love that I don't have to worry about measurements and that she drinks until she's happy. (unless she's going through a growth spurt and my supply can't keep up with her; then it's one of those days I don't like to nurse!) I love that statistics seem to be in favor of breast feedin…

Updates on the Princess...

Lately Presley has been trying so hard to turn from her belly to her back but her arm seems to be in the way!  Still hasn't gone from belly to back or back to belly yet... probably because she just wants to be held all the time!She's found out she can put things in her mouth and loves to put her blanket, clothes, and hands/fingers in her mouth! Here is video of her sucking on her hand!  So precious.
We're still swaddling her at night.As part of her bedtime routine we're reading her two bedtime books each night (Goodnight Moon & Night Night Little Pookie)Has been a babbling machine ever since her baptism weekend ended.  It might have something to do with all the people talking to her that weekend... who knows! Here is a video of her babbling! Of course she loves being held and doesn't like getting laid down for a nap during the day-- likes to sleep on mom instead.  I just have to remind myself that she'll only be a baby once and she won't always like me to…

Mama's Day!

Happy mothers day, all! This is the first time for me blogging via text message so we'll just have to see how this goes. I wish it were still just as easy as before to find time to write, but time slips away from me everyday. I suppose that's a good thing and that it potentially means I'm living in the moment but that might be giving me too much credit. Things sure are easier now (12 weeks postpartum) than they were when we first brought baby Presley home but I continue to find myself just getting through each day. Between sleepiness (because I'm still a night owl) and feeling confined to the house all day (let's face it, it's easier than lugging her heavy carrier around and dealing with diaper blow outs in public), I'm always killing time before Tony gets home and praying for the weekends when we can spend time as a family. He's still working a hefty amount of overtime - which I'm
thankful for - but as usual, I just wish we lived in a society that…


Tomorrow is the day! My sisters, who both live in Tennessee, fly in tomorrow for several days for my sweet baby's baptism and for my big sister's baby shower!! It's like two worlds are getting ready to collide; a world that has always revolved around my sisters and a world run by this little princess. :) It's so strange/surreal/outrageous to me that Presley has existed for two and a half months without getting to see her aunts or for them to be able to hold her. It breaks my heart on all the little things they've missed out on. But I am so excited for them to get acquainted this weekend :) I look forward to seeing Presley's reaction to them and to see how she interacts with them! It'll also be so awesome to have some extra hands around here and more entertainment and interaction. It's gonna be awesome and that much more painful when they ultimately leave!

Anyways, my sister Amanda is 27/28 weeks pregnant and I haven't seen her since Christmastime w…