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Short post!

I just can NOT wait for the holidays to come around for two reasons:  Anderson Erickson EGG NOG and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!!  Not to mention yummy Thanksgiving food!  I just day dream for the beautiful Midwest scenery and weather in the fall.  So for these few, simple reasons I can't wait for the summer to pass.

In addition, right after the first day of Fall, Tony and I are moving!  We're finally leaving this terrible apartment we've been in the past three years and into a small, two bed-room house!!!  It's only down the street and a few miles from where we live now, but it is definitely going to mean a great deal of change for us.  More freedom, less stress, MUCH better landlords, safer, cleaner, and just adding to our happiness level!  This is also a great chance to get rid of extra crap we don't need before the baby comes and to situate our house the way we'd like to specifically for the baby!!!  Not only that, but it will be a place that will be a …


Helloooo Second Trimester!!!! 

I'm officially 13 weeks along today and I couldn't be happier!  I know I am getting ahead of myself and possibly getting my hopes up in vain, but you know what, we'll get the opportunity to possibly find out the sex of our baby this trimester so I am beyond excited.  Even though it seems like being pregnant is all I talk about, sometimes the seriousness of bringing a new life into this world hits me and I am totally taken aback.  Especially when I think about how complicated it is trying to navigate through life just for myself as a person - as a woman and as a wife - and then having to help a little person through the same things throughout time.  It's not that I'm scared so much that I am in awe of the responsibility.  I am definitely a faithful person and I believe that this is part of the plan God has in mind for me and I am wondering how He sees such potential in me.

12 weeks & 5 days here and starting to show!
(aka, looking bl…

First Trimester Blues...

So, I am not a fan of the first trimester.  Or, at least my first trimester experience.  The first pregnancy "sign" I had was that my boobs got very sore.  On a trip to Memphis to visit friends, I was swimming and you know when you dive into the pool your top (and bottom sometimes!) slide down and you have to quickly pull them up?  Well, I did that - a lot - that day and thought nothing of it.  We all went for a night swim later in the day and the pain from my boobs was UNBEARABLE; it felt like they were on fire!  On top of that, my poor boobs had been feeling kinda achy for about a week solid.  During the same trip to Memphis in which I was still oblivious to being pregnant, I had a couple drinks just a few days before finding out I was pregnant.  I still guilt myself over this one and think about the implications often.  Anyways, I was drinking and really wasn't feeling a "buzz" more than I was feeling like the alcohol just really wasn't settling well.  …

First Ultrasound!

This past week was such an amazing week of bonding with the sweet little baby in my belly!  On Monday I had an appointment with my OB and it was at that appointment that I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time with the nurse!  I couldn't believe that what I was listening to was my baby's heartbeat... it was VERY surreal and amazing.  I didn't think that the week could get any better but our first ultrasound was this week as well!  (Thankfully Tony got to be there for that because he missed out on the heartbeat and I felt SO bad that he didn't get to be there for that.)  So anyways, the ultrasound was a little uncomfortable since they had to do it vaginally - but it was completely worth it because not only did we get a sweet picture of the babe, but we got to see him/her move around.  I was seriously in awe and completely unable to speak during the whole ordeal.  Our baby even danced around while we were watching and it was the best thing I have ever s…

First Appointment... kinda!

So yesterday was my first taste of the pregnancy appointments!  I met with my Dr.'s nurse and we talked all about the family history junk.  She gave me a folder of their practice information as well as a new month by month pregnancy book put out by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists... as if I didn't already have enough pregnancy books!

Yes, sadly, I am that person who over-prepares, or really in this case, the person who overly anticipated.  For the past couple years I've found a couple of nice used book stores I like to raid and over time I accumulated many books on marriage, weddings, pregnancy, and motherhood.  My pregnancy book list includes: What to Expect When You're Expecting (duh), What to Eat when You're Expecting, The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, Your Prengnancy Week by Week (written by an OBGYN), & Your Pregnancy Questions & Answers.  Pretty excessive, right?  Back in those days I also bought Tony the Expectant Father bo…