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Six Products I Love: Pregnancy Edition! {thursday thoughts}

Let me start this one off by saying that I wear makeup MAYBE on average about once a week. More likely, even less these days. My hair care routine consists of washing it and towel drying it. So this definitely won't be a fancy or super involved post.

6. Old Navy Maternity Leggings: I used to feel like leggings were not the same as pants. I still kind-of feel this way if we're being completely honest, but it's more like I just DON'T care anymore. I literally wear them all.the.time. I usually find leggings to be uncomfortable in some way shape or form -- either they're too tight, they're bunchy, or they're pinching at my muffin top. These ones are literally perfect. So much so that I'm not looking forward to trying to find non-maternity leggings that I love this much. Anyways, if you're pregnant and looking for some ultra comfy pants that you can dress up or down, check these out!

5. One word: Keurig. They don't make our exact model anymore - we&…

Baby 3.0: 34 Weeks + So Long Summer!

I'm feeling: Lots of things. Lately I've actually started to feel excited about this being my last pregnancy. I'm looking forward to ditching maternity clothes forever - eventually. I'm glad that once I'm done carrying Crosby that hopefully I'll never see these numbers on the scale again. I'm ready to have my body back to myself for every single one of the perks. Obviously I plan to have a long breastfeeding journey ahead of me so my body won't really be completely mine BUT it'll be a heck of a lot closer. I'm starting to feel more sweet than bitter about this being the end of my bringing children into the world.

I'm still feeling very weird and conflicted about sending Presley to pre-k a couple days a week. (Mostly weepy.) Yet, I'm looking forward to the opportunities for her... I truly am. How is it that just over two years ago she was sitting on my last pregnant belly with me in a little diaper? And now she's ready to start her fi…

Baby 3.0: 33 Weeks

I'm feeling: My energy has been in short supply. Sleep is getting a little trickier. My patience have been thinner than usual lately, or at least it has felt that way. I told Presley and Molly earlier this week (after Molly was really testing me in the store) that my patience were so tiny I could barely see them! Tonight at bedtime Presley was playing with her buddies and Tony and she told one of her buddies she couldn't see her patience because they were so small. It was HILARIOUS to hear that come out of her mouth. But overall, I'm still getting around well enough. I'm still feeling pretty good! It's all worth it knowing there is a little human in the making.

Cravings: Pickles. Potatoes. I made potato skins this weekend that really hit the spot! Not a whole lot in the food department that I'm not a fan of these days.

Baby's size: He's already between 17-19 inches long and possibly between 4-6 pounds.

High for the week: I loved having lunch with my family…

7 Things About My Family {thursday thoughts}

So, I totally would have posted this sooner - as in a week earlier - but I was having such a hard time coming up with seven INTERESTING things about us. And yes, I know that MIGHT just mean we are not all that interesting! Anyways, here we go. Seven things about the Duggan family...

Our kids stay up pretty late. (They also sleep in late.) They didn't always but they sure do these days. Tony gets home from work around 6:30pm most days and it's just nice to optimize the time we have together by keeping the kids up a little bit later. Most nights we strive to have them down by 9/9:30 but sometimes it's not until 10pm that we finish bedtime and by that time we're exhausted. It's been nice to be able to do this in some respects (more time together/for the kids and daddy) but it can definitely be stressful. With Presley starting preschool here soon we will move bedtimes up and have more adult time in the evenings which is a bonus! When it comes to the kids getting up in …

Baby 3.0: 32 Weeks

I am feeling: Let me just say I am getting SO EXCITED to bring this little guy into the world. It's becoming a bit more real every day! I also really, really enjoyed our weekend at home altogether. Tony has every other Saturday off and it is so so so great when he has two days off in a row. You can just tell the girls thrive with him home as well, too. So these days I'm feeling grateful. (Check back in with me after next weekend when Tony has to work Saturday... I might be feeling more frazzled!)

Cravings: I suppose my cravings lately would be Thanksgiving dishes. A few days ago I whipped up some green bean casserole and a few days later it was sweet potato fluff. Last night I made some amazing cheesy potatoes that hit the spot & made me miss our family get togethers every Thanksgiving! I am soooo craving having my body back for just myself - to be able to move with ease and to sleep on my back or belly! I'm craving easy breathing, too.

Baby's size: At 32 weeks gesta…

Molly turning two...

So, it's been a solid month over a month now and I've neglected the post where I talk about how old my youngest is now. It's just a whole lot easier not to document every little thing or really to even take notice of the subtleties between kiddos. Even still, each time I sit down and begin to think about one of my kids to write one of these blogs I enjoy them so much and it gets easier to write the farther I get into it.

When it comes to having two kids, it has really been more of a breeze than I ever thought possible - especially at this current stage. These girls keep each other busy and play so well together that it makes my job easy peasy! (Though I certainly don't know what it would be like at this point with just one.) The most difficult thing these days is running errands with two kids... the un/buckling over and over, the corralling kids throughout the store (I put them in carts as much as possible), and the keeping the whining to a minimum. Thankfully, they d…

Baby 3.0: 31 Weeks

I am feeling: Everything. I've been pretty sore lately but I do remember feeling like this during my second pregnancy. I've been feeling pretty darn tired lately, too. But both of those things are pretty easy to deal with and I'm overall still feeling really great. More than anything I'm very ready to meet our first little man and see what on earth a little Duggan boy looks like!!!

Movement: This little guy is crazy, especially in the evening. I love when he kicks behind my bellybutton... my skin feels so thin there that it's the closest thing to direct contact with Crosby. I think I will miss that neat sensation a bit. Otherwise his kicks can go on and on some nights and he takes up so much space these days that he will kick on all sides of my tummy at the same time!

Baby's size: He's about the size of a head of romaine lettuce or to be more exact around 17.5 inches tall and 3.5 lbs!

Best moment of the week: I'd have to say bowling was a highlight and so …