Happy TWO month old birthday, Presley Rose!

Wowie!  I didn't think I'd be one of "those" moms... but seriously, where has the time gone??  It feels like just yesterday we were completely clueless and terrified to bring this unknown baby home with us.  A lot has changed in this time, especially ourselves!  And as you can see, Presley has gone through the biggest changes over these past eight weeks....

Presley in her "SOMEBUNNY LOVES ME" outfit! :)

If you ask me, she looks like her mom in her face and her dad in her height!

Things about Miss Presley:
  • She loves her velcro swaddle blanket!  Though when she's cranky and I lay her down in the blanket to wrap her up it seems like she's thinking, "Swaddle? Challenge accepted!" and squirms around to make it just a little bit more difficult to get her swaddled.
  • If she's not swaddled (during her daytime naps), she kicks off the blanket every time!!!
  • She sleeps with a fan, just like we do! :)
  • She is not really a fan of socks.  She kicks them off at the first chance she gets.
  • She's been getting a lot better without her pacifier at night.  She starts out with it but of course spits it out still throughout the night but now she's not crying every 5 minutes for us to put it back in.
  • Presley doesn't seem to love burping, but she's getting so much better at it and it seems to hurt her less and less to try and get a burp out!
  • Currently growing a mullet, it seems!  Her hair is falling out on top and still soft and beautiful in the back... it's got the cutest swirl in it!!! So she's got her Grampa Scott's chin as well as his hairline at the moment!!!
Bald up top but hair around the sides & back!  Totally what Presley has right now!!! :)
Didn't realize how much I miss him until looking at his picture!
  •  She has surely started to LOVE to pull mommy's hair!  For a few days I debated cutting it into a pixie hair style (kinda like Ellen Degeneres) but then I realized I could never pull that off.
  • She seems to enjoy showertime much better than she ever enjoyed bathtime!  But man, babies sure are slippery once you lather them up.  It'll be more difficult to shower her with me once she really gets bigger and moves even more.  She's so cute in the shower sometimes she'll open her mouth and try to drink the water!  Other times she just stares at the water with huge eyes!
  • It seems like Presley is really trying to laugh.  Hasn't quite gotten it yet but she's getting there.
  • Oh man, and lately, she LOVES getting her diaper changed!!!  She will just lay on her changing table and smile and coo!!!  Sweetest thing, ever.
  • Oh and Presley loves when her daddy gets home.  She will look at him for a few seconds until it registers in her mind and then she will just grin so big!!!!  I'll have to record it soon and put it on here.
  • Presley still sleeps great at night.  It amazes me that such a tiny person can begin to tell the difference from day and night and that her body is able to sleep seven hours straight without food.  I am afraid that once we move her to her own room that she won't be able to sleep as well, but we're not there yet!
I'm sure I could go on and on but instead I'll just end it here so I can get a few things done around here before I need to feed her again.  We're going to see her doctor at 4 PM today for her check-up and some of her shots.  Thank goodness Tony will be able to meet us there because I'm so nervous to have to watch her in pain and have no idea how she'll react.  I mean, I literally couldn't even watch them prick her heel every day and draw her blood when we had to get her bilirubin tested everyday.  We've also been going back and forth about getting her ears pierced... so if any of you mom's have opinions or feelings about it either way, feel free to share!  Thanks for reading :)  I appreciate all you guys who care so much about Tony and I and our little girl.  She is such a sweetheart and I'm so happy to share her with so many friends and family who we love so so much.

ps-- It's also your Aunt Amanda's birthday!!!  She's 27 years old today!

You will get to meet her in a short TWO WEEKS when she is up here celebrating for your baptism and her first baby shower for your soon-to-be cousin, Ann Marie!  I hope and pray that you and Ann Marie will be best friends just like Amanda and I!  (And you, too, Ashley!!)  You're already going to match Ann Marie like your Aunts and I matched... I've gotten a few matching items for you two to enjoy!  Wish we could all be there to celebrate your birthday dinner with cake and ice cream...  Happy Birthday, Amanda!


  1. My baby girl has a mullet too! Hahaha. I tried shower time for the first time the other day. I was surprised that she liked it. I thought the water splashing would hurt her eyes or something. As for ear piercing... I plan on getting hers pierced after her vaccines. My mom let me wait until I was old enough to decide and when I was little I really really wanted to wear earrings like all the other little girls but I was scared of the needle so I didn't end up getting them until I was around 8. I always wished she would have done it when I was a baby so I wouldn't remember. Anyway, I know people probably have ear piercing stories that are the opposite of mine, but that's why I've decided to pierce my baby girl's early.

  2. I hope my Abi takes after Presley in the liking to have her diaper changed department! :)Abi wiggles and squirms and makes it super difficult for us, lol. As for ear piercing... we are going to wait until Abi is old enough to make the decision for herself. I was 12 when I got mine done, and while it hurt I am glad I was able to make the decision for myself. Also, my husband said it's just one more thing we'd have to keep clean and take care of on top of everything else if we got her ears pierced now. ;)I just think he doesn't want to see his little girl in pain.

  3. Ali,

    I was searching for my GF's blog and came across reading yours. Came to your blog entry about wondering when to have your dd's ears pierced. Like you, I went back and forth too. However, I realized after seeing so many other babies and little girls with cute earrings, I wanted Sandi to look cute too. Just as happened to me, your're asking the question now when to pierce her ears. I think this is a sure sign your mommy intuition telling your earlier is better as it did me and I'd go ahead now.

    Although a little uncertain when I asked our ped, she surprised me by encouraging me to have it done early when mommy could care for them as young as possible following her first DPT shot. She gave some suggestions for moms having their dd's ears pierced since she so many moms asked her about it. They included topical meds to minimize any discomfort and how to find the right person and place to have it done. Her personal opinion was under six months was good and the 2-4 months old window was best since they'd be cooperative, clueless as to what was happening, never remember it and allow mommy to properly care for them. I did it at six weeks.

    If you don't know how she'd look at any age, then hold up a pair of your studs to each ear and decide for yourself. Many moms including myself like the look of earrings on babies and little girls for no specific reason, but like how light plays off a simple gold ball on a bald baby girl or small gold hoop poking through the hair of a toddler. Warning: she'll look adorable!

    Just when is the best time to pierce your daughter's ears? It is when you are ready to care for them during the healing phase. They were very easy to care for. Promise doing it now, she'll thank you later!

    If you or any other moms would like our ped's tips, then don't hesitate to write me an e-mail.




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