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Baby 3.0: Twelve Weeks

**I meant to post this early last week and never got around to publishing it! So here it is now.

So far in this pregnancy, I've felt sick almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I've also been on medicine this pregnancy (Metformin) so I am thinking that could have something to do with it because when I started the medicine in December it was VERY hard on my stomach. I am hoping since the sickness is getting better these last few days that HOPEFULLY the nausea will go away and stay away for the rest of the pregnancy. Though, it's sometimes a welcome feeling as it's confirmation every morning that the baby is still where it needs to be. I have had horrible nightmares of pregnancy loss to the point where I wake up thinking for sure that I've lost this precious baby. So again, I hate feeling so awful to the point where it has been debilitating many days, but the morning sickness/nausea is something I've been thankful for on many occasions.

Other than that, no…

WDW Day Five: Magic Kingdom & Be Our Guest!

We spent day five off at Magic Kingdom - absolutely a park that you want to spend more than one day at if you have the chance. So, we started off our day here by visiting one of our absolute FAVORITE characters for a meet & greet... TINKER BELL!

As you can see, Presley was completely starstruck!!!! We had a Fast Pass for this experience... there was definitely still a little bit of waiting involved but it cut down the wait time a whole lot by having a FP.  I knew we'd want to meet Tink because she is one of my absolute all-time favorite characters and we all love her movies - especially Pres! It was so fun and I wish I had gotten more pictures of the room itself - everything was huge to make Tinker Bell look and feel so tiny.

Since it's been 3 entire months since our WDW trip, I'm having a hard time forgetting the play-by-play of the day but I know we took the morning pretty easy peasy. We walked around and explored and rode rides with shorter wait times until our lu…


I'm not sure what I expected for my life. But I swear it's all so unexpected.

You're young and you have so much love to give. You look for love and you find someone. You fall in love, hard. Your engaged and your planning this beautiful, fun, exciting wedding and the goal is to say "I do." You expect to love this person and for love to be enough. I mean, you can't imagine ever not loving this person. You can't imagine this person ever not loving you. So what is there to worry about? And then you are married and you realize love is so much but it's not everything. You realize marriage is not easy. Worth it, amazing, and a journey - but anything but easy.

When you enter the work force you have all these ideas about how important it is to love your job and to be fulfilled by it but that isn't always how it turns out. Maybe you go into it knowing it's just a paycheck but you're surprised by how much you enjoy your job.

You own a house and you …