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God's Promises.

Today's point of praise: "This is my comfort in my affliction, that your word has revived me." (Psalm 119:50) Day #9

Let's talk about marriage for a second. How many times have been distraught in a tough situation until our spouse offered us their words of comfort and encouragement? Where would we be without mutual communication in our marriages? It would really suck.

This is what I thought about today after reading my devotional: communication. We are able to communicate with God through prayer and he is able to indirectly communicate back to us through his promises in the Bible. If we aren't praying or reading the bible then our communication with God is hurting, as I'm sure we've all experienced at some point. And when we read the bible, we read it through our own individual lens - our experiences give the words personal meaning and weight. And who gives us those experiences? God - through his plan for us. I think that is awesome.

My sister, Amanda,…

Cream-of-Whatever Substitute

So I mentioned the other day that I refuse to buy cream-of-whatever soups anymore. For one, the consistency (including color) just grosses me out. Why does it look like that? Plus, why would I buy the soup when I could easily make a substitute myself for super cheap and easy?

Something I like about this recipe is every ingredient is something most folks have on hand at all times. Which makes the cost of the recipe low low low.

Cream of Chicken Substitute(yields one can cream of chicken)

1 Tablespoon flour3 Tablespoons butter1/2 cup chicken broth1/2 cup milkSalt & pepper to tasteDirections:
Melt butter in saucepan over medium-high heat.Whisk in flour until smooth & bubbly.Remove from heat & add broth/milk.Return to heat & gentle boil - whisking constantly until soup thickens.

One of my favorite ever side dishes is green bean casserole and when I made the casserole with this substitute instead of the canned soup it tasted SO amazing! I use it all the time and …

Not-From-Scratch Chicken Pot Pie

In our house, I am the chef. (And 9 times out of 10 it's just so I can retreat to the kitchen while Tony plays with the kids. #mommyconfession) I really do love to cook! I'm not always GREAT at it... mostly because I like to stray from directions - which is why I'm an awful baker. And of course I'm just still learning in general. Last night we had chicken pot pie and it was the first time I've ever made it. It was a huge hit!!!

Refrigerated Pie Crusts- they come in a 2 pack at our Kroger & are right next to all the canned biscuitsChicken - I used right around a poundVeggies - I never measure... so somewhere around 2 cups of vegetables should be appropriateOne can Cream-of-Whatever Soup - your preference1 cup of milk1/4 teaspoon of Herbs de Provence Salt & Pepper to tasteFor last night's dinner I used some canned corn, canned green beans, and broccoli for the vegetable portion and instead of using a can of cream of whatever, I used a homemad…