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Marriage Monday: Head over "To the Sea"

This week's Marriage Monday entry is a little different this week.  After winning a giveaway last month that was hosted by one of my favorite bloggers, Erica, she asked me to guest blog and I was super happy to oblige!

You can check out my guest blog (here).  It's a little about our life since we said "I do!" and more specifically, about dealing with postpartum depression after the birth of Miss Presley Rose.  And while you are there you can get to know Erica as well!

I hope you enjoy it and leave some feedback!  It's not the easiest subject to open up about but is certainly a topic that deserves a conversation or two.

14 months

I have a 14-month-old!  That is bizarre.  Since I've stopped writing on her monthly development, I rarely ever think about her age in months anymore - unless I'm asked by a stranger, but then I still only use like half of a brain cell to come up with an answer while my mind is focused on 19847358759 other things - so when her age hit me today I felt a little taken aback.  {I guess she's still stuck as 12 months/one year in my mind.}

Presley is so adorable and her personality is full-force these days... but she is also becoming more and more of a handful by the day!

She is very expressive!  If we are out in public and there are strangers who don't take notice to her right away, she will make sure and get their attention.  By talking excessively loud or yelling her version of "hey!" at them or just waving over and over and over... She is still saying "hi" "dada" "mama" "baby" and that's about it (or at least all I can…

Presley's FAVORITE things: The toddler edition!

*And for all you HIMYM fans, please imagine me saying "Presley's FAVORITE things" in my Barney Stinson voice while he impersonates Oprah!  Because that is most certainly how I say it.. okay, carry on!*  [clip here if you have no idea what I'm talking about]
I haven't talked about our favorite "stuff" for Presley lately and I think it is definitely due time!  I must say though, that at the stage she's at she is most happy with cardboard boxes and TV remote controllers - she loves taking off and then replacing the backing of the remotes!  Nevertheless, there are several things that have become favorites around here.

Piggy Paint:  Okay, maybe I am the one who likes this... but it is absolutely adorable on her little piggies!  And the fact that it is much safer for little ones makes me feel at ease! Little Quack Loves Colors:  One of her favorite books to look at.  I'm not sure if it's the little characters, the colors, or the squishy feel of th…

Marriage Monday: Sarah T.'s Guest Blog - I said "Yes!"

Happy Marriage Monday, everybody!  I figured I'd keep today's Marriage Monday as light and airy as possible after the heavy week we all had last week - and how much better could it get to share one of the happiest days of someones life?

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This weeks prompts are {watching, looking for, growing, riding, reading}
Watching:  The same movie over and over again.  That would be the Hunger Games.  I can't believe it's going to be a whole 7 months before Catching Fire is out in theaters.  The trailer looks so fantastic - I feel like this second movie is going to be much huger than the first.  Which is how it is with most movie series.  I hope they took their time and added more from the book than they did the first movie!  Besides that, we are always watching Sesame Street on Netflix streaming!
Looking for:  A nice bike trailer.  Or perhaps the recommendation of a brand to look into.  We have a bike seat that goes on the back of our bike for Presley that we got from a friend - but I am also interested at looking into a trailer.  They are pretty expensive though!  So if anyone in the area sees a decent used one - let me know!

Growing:  Impatient for the weather to clear up.  It's been unseasonably cool for Spring and no…


Feeling so very grateful tonight for my life.  For the people who are in my life, for the people who have exited my life, and especially for my little family.

I am absolutely counting my blessings and thanking God for his timing.

Marriage Monday: Sharing Spirituality

I look around the pews in our beautiful church and I see fervent prayers.  I see women who appear to be very put together.  I watch some children who can sit still through the entire mass and not make a peep!

So I start to compare.  My clothes certainly aren't fancy. I get intimidated.  Does Father realize I missed mass last week?  ...and the week before? I feel self-conscious.  Oh man, why is Presley being so squirmy and loud today? I know I'm imperfect.
I think to myself how I am constantly getting consumed in getting through each day and forget to talk to God... I don't remember how important it is to hand Him my anxiety on a daily basis.  Why is it so difficult to maintain a relationship with God?  And if I can't do that, what am I doing here in mass?  And sometimes in mass, I feel that surely there are people who can see my weakness and my struggles as a facade.  Can they tell I am nowhere near my ideal relationship with Christ?

You might know me, you migh…

Happies & Crappies

It's the time of week again to reflect on both the good and the bad that have influenced life this week... so here we go!

Feeling stifled when it comes to sharing your opinion on touchy subjects in your own blog.  I hate that I care so much about possibly offending someone else; what I want to write about is NOT offensive, so why do I feel so unable to talk about it?This. Weather.  How many weeks until Spring will actually arrive here in the Midwest?  {I'm thinking maybe we need to do something special for Mother Nature this weekend so that maybe she will bless us with some sunshine and warmer temperatures.  What to do, what to do...}My "I'll eat anything" daughter has disappeared momentarily {I hope} and has been replaced with "I'll spit out anything" daughter!  Uh-oh!  Moms of picky-eaters, how in the world do you make this work?Presley's still got cradle cap!  Though, from what I can tell, it's purely cosmetic and doesn't pose any thre…

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This weeks prompts are {entertaining, holding, building, smiling, and frowning}

Presley is... Holding - out food for a giraffe in this next picture!  What a brave little one!

Smiling - so big each Tuesday just before we walk up to the Chick-fil-A counter!  It is so precious because she recognizes our usual Tuesday CFA favorites and she knows exactly who we are going to see!  It is absolutely the cutest.

Frowning - when mom & dad take something away she wants to play with, eat, etc!  Also, frowning at all foods this week... where in the world did this picky baby come from?  No grapes, no tomatoes, no beans, no berries, no avocados... what in the world do I feed this child now?!  If it were up to Presley, bread bread bread...

Tony is...
Holding - onto his little girl whenever he can!  He is such an awesome dad and I always knew he would be but I still marvel at the bond they have together.

I am...
Entertaining - a big, smart girl these days.  I just feel like more and more of her baby-ness…

Marriage Monday: A Little History

For the last few years in my blog's "about me" section I included the story of how Tony proposed to me.  When I first started blogging it was such a central part of my life - having just become engaged.  But now, as important as the experience is still to us, the farther we move away from that day in 2009, the less central it is in defining our family.  I figured I would write a blog about that special weekend so that the memories would be tucked away and safe inside this blog.

So let me just preface with a little about our dating history and our history as friends.

I can't remember when exactly Tony and I first met since we played soccer at the same church and had a lot of the same friends, but my first memory of Tony takes place in 2000.  Fall soccer was just beginning and when I was walking towards the fields with a friend, I remember seeing him riding his yellow bike.  It wasn't the first time I saw him, but it was the first time I got the courage to say som…