14 months

I have a 14-month-old!  That is bizarre.  Since I've stopped writing on her monthly development, I rarely ever think about her age in months anymore - unless I'm asked by a stranger, but then I still only use like half of a brain cell to come up with an answer while my mind is focused on 19847358759 other things - so when her age hit me today I felt a little taken aback.  {I guess she's still stuck as 12 months/one year in my mind.}

Taking her 14-month sticker off, looking at it, and then trying to stick it back on the wrong way ;)

Presley is so adorable and her personality is full-force these days... but she is also becoming more and more of a handful by the day!

  • She is very expressive!  If we are out in public and there are strangers who don't take notice to her right away, she will make sure and get their attention.  By talking excessively loud or yelling her version of "hey!" at them or just waving over and over and over...
  • She is still saying "hi" "dada" "mama" "baby" and that's about it (or at least all I can think of at the moment).  She signs for "more" "food/snack" "milk" and "all done."  She is very consistent with those few phrases she can speak or sign.  She's also found other ways to communicate with us... she will fake cough for her water (so funny!) and she will look and point at other things that she wants.  We are teaching her other signs, too, but they haven't stuck as much as these few have.
  • Her attention span is starting to get a little better.  While eating her morning snack she actually seems to watch Sesame Street now.  I turned on Blues Clues for the first time in a long time a few days ago and she just lit up and hung on every word!  Another time I caught her sitting on the floor very still with her ankles crossed staring at a puppy she has that sings and talks to her.  She RARELY ever sits still unless she is in her high chair so this was such a sight!  {It was just before naptime for her so maybe she was getting sleepy - but it was still awesome to see.} 
  • This past weekend she crawled around in the grass for the first time AND played on a swing set for the first time!  She didn't know what to think of the swing at first but then she started to light up.
  • Still only drinking water and breastmilk these days.  She's had cows milk once or twice and seemed to really like it {signing "more" over and over}.
  • Nothing is safe around the house anymore.  She notices every nook and cranny, especially if it's something that she hasn't explored yet.  Makes mama nervous!  We don't have a child-proofed house at all and since we hope to move sometime in the near-ish future, I don't see the point.  For now, we just have things gated off and it seems to do the trick.  Emphasis on the for now part of that.
  • She is still being such a picky eater!  This is something I am coming to terms with... it has taken a while for me to accept this because she has been such a fantastic eater.  She spits almost EVERYTHING out these days and doesn't eat a whole lot of anything at times.  Which can be frustrating!  But instead of fighting it, I have learned that not reacting at all is actually much better!  When she spits out her food I would say things like, "No no, Presley!  We eat our food, not spit them out!"  and I would coax her into eating the bite which would make her want it even LESS than before.  Now, I act like it doesn't bother me... she stares at me for a minute and then eventually gets bored and picks up the bite and eats it!
  • I was giving her baked ziti for lunch today and set a warm little piece on her tray next to the ones that had cooled off already from sitting there much longer.... she picked up the warm piece and started blowing on it before putting it in her mouth!!!!!  I wish I could have seen my face because I was utterly impressed!  Such a smart baby girl.
  • This morning while I was changing her diaper she grabbed my face with both of her hands and pulled my face down to hers so she could give me a kiss.  My heart was melting away at that!!!!!!
  • Pretty much hates her convertible car seat and that while facing backwards she cannot see us at all.  We put up a mirror so she could see us in it - and it seemed to help at first - but she is right back to hating it.  As soon as she starts walking I think we will switch the car seat to front facing.  Maybe.  I go back and forth!
  •  LOVES shower and bath time.  Such a huge difference from this time last year!  I can't wait to see what she's like in the water this summer.
  • She knows to point a remote at a TV and after she does that she'll look expectantly at the TV for it to come on.  Thankfully she doesn't know about the power button yet!
  • Just recently Presley will stand up and balance on her own!!!  Uhh oh!  {The standing part isn't new but the balancing while not hanging on to anything is DEFINITELY new!}

Refusing to keep that darn thing on!

Not very happy with the picture taking

Not very happy with the bow, either.

14 month Presley!

I love you so much, Presley!


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