Happies & Crappies

It's the time of week again to reflect on both the good and the bad that have influenced life this week... so here we go!

  • Feeling stifled when it comes to sharing your opinion on touchy subjects in your own blog.  I hate that I care so much about possibly offending someone else; what I want to write about is NOT offensive, so why do I feel so unable to talk about it?
  • This. Weather.  How many weeks until Spring will actually arrive here in the Midwest?  {I'm thinking maybe we need to do something special for Mother Nature this weekend so that maybe she will bless us with some sunshine and warmer temperatures.  What to do, what to do...}
  • My "I'll eat anything" daughter has disappeared momentarily {I hope} and has been replaced with "I'll spit out anything" daughter!  Uh-oh!  Moms of picky-eaters, how in the world do you make this work?
  • Presley's still got cradle cap!  Though, from what I can tell, it's purely cosmetic and doesn't pose any threat to her well-being - I still wish it wasn't there.  Any other moms of kids who had cradle cap past the 12 month mark?  I think I'll finally have her doctor look at it if it's still there at her 15 month check-up.

  • The fact that this work week zoomed by, is over, and the weekend is ahead of us!
  • Having delicious coffee all week!  And also trying an awesome new creamer and LOVING it - Italian Sweet Creme.
  • Getting caught up on General Hospital.  Yes... I love a soap opera and I am not afraid to admit that!
  • So thankful for Skype and FaceTime!  Lately we've done a lot of video-chatting with my in-laws and my big sister and it's been awesome.  It makes living far away so much more bearable.
  • Having a week FULL of great naps for Presley!  In addition to that, she's stopped the few minutes of crying before she falls asleep at bedtime, too.  Such a great, independent sleeper... couldn't be more happy with the choice to sleep train her a few months back.
  • Had not one, but two different play dates in the last week.  One with some familiar friends and one with some new friends.  I love giving Presley opportunities to learn and grow and try new things.
  • My mom coming over yesterday to hang out with me and Presley was another bright spot in the week.
  • We have a great library just blocks from our house.  Not only that, but the library loan system in our area ROCKS and you can get just about any CD or book sent to your library for free at the click of a button.  FABULOUS.
  • Our water at home being back to normal.  For a few weeks there it tasted and smelled awful.  The water company said it had something to do with the ice/snow melting from the Mississippi River and that it was safe to drink, but it sure didn't taste good.
  • Having nice weather for a few days earlier in the week - it allowed us the opportunity to grill out two nights in a row.  I forgot how much better food is off of the grill!  {Reason #4 I love my husband:  He is a grill master - he cooks up some delicious food out there AND enjoys it!}

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  1. Has your Dr recommended anything like Head and Shoulders? When Abi had cradle cap (granted it was a while ago) our pedi suggested H&S if baby oil and a comb didn't work. We never had to use it, but I just thought I'd mention it. :)
    Also, we are patiently waiting for warmer weather too, although we won't be able to grill outside until we move. (Our apartments won't allow grills) But you are soooooo right, food totally tastes better off of the grill! Have you ever grilled pineapple? To. Die. For!!!

    1. I've never actually mentioned it to my doctor... I always felt like it would probably go away soon, but my sister mentioned the H&S route. I used it a few times but gave up on that, too, so I'm gonna try that again.

      And grilled pineapple is DEFINITELY gonna happen here this summer because I've never tried it!!!

  2. We have tons of snow and have been grilling like crazy in order to pretend that the weather isn't less than desirable. Seriously. What is up with this weather. I am convinced we are going to skip right over spring and get summer.

  3. Yay to playdates and new mama friends! We had a playdate yesterday (and us mamas had a glass of wine) and I forgot how wonderful it was to just chat with another mama and watch the babies play! Cheers to many more!


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