Marriage Monday: Sarah T.'s Guest Blog - I said "Yes!"

Happy Marriage Monday, everybody!  I figured I'd keep today's Marriage Monday as light and airy as possible after the heavy week we all had last week - and how much better could it get to share one of the happiest days of someones life?

I am a sister, daughter, friend, runner, fiance, home owner, crocheter, pastor, reader, traveler, misplaced South Dakotan, golden retriever lover, lover of all things Disney, wanna be photographer, coffee lover, shutterfly addict, northern Minnesotan, swimming lessons instructor, and above all else a beloved child of God. I am engaged to Marc. We met while both living and working in a strange place that we both have now grown to love and call home. We both thought we'd get up to northern Minnesota, work for as long as we had to and then get out. However, we met each other, we have gotten some amazing friends who are now like family, love our jobs, and minus this nasty winter we even love our area of Minnesota.

It was an amazing August Saturday for me. I had gotten up early and driven north to run a 10k. I ran an amazing race - seriously - I hit a personal record despite what I thought was a lack in training. I was on cloud nine from slashing my previous best. I arrived back at my house to find Marc and Dakota playing in the yard when he asked about my race and my plans for the rest of the day [the race began around 7:00 am and I was back to my house by 10:00]. In the midst of my jello legs and desperate need for a shower I agreed to quick shower, grab a quick lunch, and head to one of our favorite parks to spend the afternoon.
After a good lunch and a twenty minute drive we arrived at Fritz Loven Park, armed with my Nikon D60, a dog ready to run and play, and some excitement to spend the afternoon outside we unloaded from my car. As we were getting out Marc took out his hiking pack [his big pack that he uses to go backpacking for a week or so], which I sort of found strange and he gave some some line about how he wanted to get used to the pack [I had just gotten him a new one for his birthday a couple months prior] and get his straps adjusted just right. [I know how great it is to have the pack fit perfectly and have the straps in all the right places, I thought why not get it adjusted before we are seriously hiking and hauling way more gear.]

We began winding our way through the park, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, there were only two other cars in the parking lot [and we never saw anyone else], the creek was flowing slow enough that I could let Dakota swim in it, I was floating on cloud nine from an amazing morning run, and it was a gorgeous day. 
 As we walked along the paths next to the creek we threw sticks for Dakota to chase and I was snapping away on the camera, the leaves were gorgeous, and the flowers were bright and full. Eventually we found ourselves in the back of the park, we stopped to let Dakota play for a bit and to take it all in. 
I was shooting away on my camera and loving life. I was turning this way and that way to get pictures of everything - I couldn't get enough of the day. Eventually I heard Marc cough a little and I looked down and saw he was on the ground but didn't really process what was happening, in my mind he was tying his shoe or looking at something on the ground.

I kept taking pictures above him and around him, eventually he really caught my attention and I looked and realized he was down on his knee. I can't actually tell you what he said in that moment, I don't think I actually remember, I remember thinking at one point that I couldn't believe that this was actually happening, Marc kept talking and eventually said something along the lines of "will you marry me" and of course I said "yes". He stood up and we hugged and kissed.

 After a couple moments Marc and I were both laughing at according to him "how long I left him on his knee" we continue to laugh about it from time to time. It was a glorious day.

We agreed to soak it all in and enjoy the afternoon before calling anyone. We went back to my place, fired up the grill, and began the process of calling many of our friends and family.

 We are getting married up here on June 8, 2013 at the church I serve alongside.

Sarah blogs over at "And So I Give Thanks: A Glimpse Into My Everyday Holy" about her life as a nearly-newlywed with under two months until she ties the knot to her hubby-to-be, Marc.  You can keep up with her exciting journey and send her some good wishes for her upcoming nuptials!

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  1. I read Sarah's blog also so this was fun to see a bit more about her!


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