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This weeks prompts are {entertaining, holding, building, smiling, and frowning}


Presley is...
Holding - out food for a giraffe in this next picture!  What a brave little one!

Smiling - so big each Tuesday just before we walk up to the Chick-fil-A counter!  It is so precious because she recognizes our usual Tuesday CFA favorites and she knows exactly who we are going to see!  It is absolutely the cutest.

Frowning - when mom & dad take something away she wants to play with, eat, etc!  Also, frowning at all foods this week... where in the world did this picky baby come from?  No grapes, no tomatoes, no beans, no berries, no avocados... what in the world do I feed this child now?!  If it were up to Presley, bread bread bread...
Stop trying to feed me anything but bread and Chex cereal, mom.  I will only spit it out.  All over the place.

Tony is...

Holding - onto his little girl whenever he can!  He is such an awesome dad and I always knew he would be but I still marvel at the bond they have together.
Presley waving to me while Tony's tossing her in the air!  Hi baby!

I am...

Entertaining - a big, smart girl these days.  I just feel like more and more of her baby-ness is slipping away each day!  Lately, her favorite thing to do is to play in the play area at the mall.  It's hilarious because when she sees kids her own age or younger she gets excited for a minute until she sees the rowdy older kids playing and she crawls at super speed over to them!  Oh and where does the sad factor into this?  When mommy tries to come play with her she acts like she is way too cool to play with me!!!!  Woah, I am not ready for this!
Day one of playing at the mall over the weekend

Playing again today!


Building - such happy memories with Presley each day.  On any given day I feel frazzled and tired and I rarely ever feel like I'm doing a good enough job as her mom, but I am always given so many reasons every single day to smile and laugh and enjoy my sweet family.

Smiling - over the fact that although Presley is currently going through some sort of picky phase/stage, she is still nursing like a champ!  When she finishes on the first side she'll pop off and then do the sign for "more" - which makes me so happy because not only is she retaining the few signs I've taught her, but she is communicating with me AND telling me she likes breastmilk!  Mommy win!

Frowning - over the amount of dirty laundry we have floating around and the lack of energy to get off my butt and do it!  Also, not enjoying the cold weather we had today after being in to 70s earlier this week!!!!  Such a tease!


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