29 Week Pregnancy Reflection {BABY 2}

How far along?:  29 weeks along in my second pregnancy - which leaves us about 11 weeks or so to go!
L: 29 weeks pregnant with Presley
R: 29 weeks pregnant with Molly

I am feeling:  Hot all the time.  And it's not even getting into the high temps yet.  I have a feeling I am gonna be in trouble for the next few months.  If not, our electricity bill might be through the roof.  (Sorry, babe!)  I also still feel pretty awful from the glucose tolerance test.  Fasting + forcing down the MOST disgusting, sugary drink first thing this morning is not exactly my idea of a good time.  This time around, I failed the one hour test.  A normal blood glucose level is lower than 140 milligrams per deciliter and an hour after the drink mine was somewhere around 165 mg/dL, I believe.  So, I will go back and have the 3 hour test taken next week to see how I do.  Thanks to my mother-in-law being able to watch Presley, I will have those three hours at the office to myself to read a book.  I told the nurses it will be a mini-vacation!!!  (I plan on starting the Divergent series in the next few days, so that will give me plenty of time to read and I'm already excited.)

Size of baby:  Molly's about the size of a small cabbage!  If I remember correctly, the ultrasound technician said shew weighed somewhere around 3.5 lbs!

Movement:  Not much change in this area.  I woke up for some reason around 5am this morning and she was bouncing around like CRAZY!  I thought she would be a lot more jumpy this morning after the super-sugary drink, but she wasn't too active.

What I miss most:  Being comfortable.  I have a hard time just getting comfortable to read a book these days.  I also miss sleeping through the night - though I know this is just to condition me for the newborn phase!  I miss being able to move around without being so uncomfortable.  It's just crazy to me I feel like this with so many weeks left to go.

Cravings:  Well right now?  Some Krispy Kreme doughnuts - thanks to this upcoming promotion.  Hands down, they have the best doughnuts, ever.  I'm also looking forward to making Mexican lasagna tonight for dinner - one of my favorite meals!

Best moment of the week:  Easter Sunday was really relaxing and nice!  My in-laws came over and we spent the day together as a family and it was really nice.  Tony hid some eggs for Presley to find in the living room and she had SUCH a blast finding them (and emptying them).  We also had a great little family date night last night - dinner at Chipotle in the mall and then carrousel riding!  When Presley broke down after leaving the carrousel, Tony hoisted her up on his shoulders and she was her happy self again.

What I'm excited about:  Our appointment with the specialist on Monday.  I am looking forward to hearing what he thinks about Molly's kidneys and maybe even get a good look at her face for once!  I'm super excited Tony will be able to be there with me and definitely makes it something I am looking forward to rather than dreading it.


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