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DROPPING:  If I physically drop something these days, it's a struggle to pick it back up.  And if I bend too many times in a row then you can pretty much guarantee I'm following it up right away with a trip to the bathroom to pee!

MAKING:  I am too proud of myself and some good deals NOT to talk about it - but yesterday, I made Target my bitch.  I went in armed with physical coupons, coupons from their Cartwheel app, and text coupons (you can currently get some for your own by texting THANKS to 827438).  On top of that, I took advantage of some of their gift card deals (for example: buy 3 UP&UP Paper Towel bundles and get a $5 gift card) and also bought a truckload of fresh meat that was marked down as it was nearing it's "sell by" date.  Just from coupons and promotions, I ended up saving $52 yesterday.  And I am not extreme about it whatsoever (my final bill was over $100)... but I certainly enjoy getting awesome deals (I got a pound of very lean ground beef for $2.52 after it being on sale, having a $2 off coupon attached to it since it was nearing the "sell by" date, and a 5% off coupon from Cartwheel) and doubling/tripling coupons... I just leave with a really good feeling knowing I am saving our family some money on stuff that is really great quality and on things we will 100% be using.  It makes ever buying things for full price a little difficult for me!  The lady who checked me out at Target yesterday kept saying, "Oh girl, that is a really good deal..." or "Dang! You got that for cheap! I need to go get me one of those..." and it was cracking me up!

WEARING:  My new pair of maternity compression pants from Old Navy.  I had a pair throughout my last pregnancy and just fell in love with them.  I continued to wear them occasionally when I wasn't pregnant and then again during this pregnancy (all.the.time.) so they were pretty worn out.  I replaced them and HOLY canoli... they are even more perfect than the first pair.  They are pretty much like yoga pants that just hug you all day long.  Who doesn't want to spend the day being hugged??

KISSING:  Time with my husband goodbye.  Between him working long days six days a week and his various activites after work... I just give up.  I literally HATE being a downer on my blog, but it's been a sore spot lately and I don't foresee it getting any better.  And I hate it.  I know you can't have your cake and eat it too... but the pace of life right now and the uneven balance between busyness and family time is making me resentful.  Both of us failing to make it a priority to talk everything out adds to the failure right now.  I know it's 110% NORMAL for marriages to have ups and downs and struggles - but when you are in the middle of it and feel like the only one in the battle, it really sucks.

KEEPING:  In mind that everything is cyclical and things get better.


  1. Hugs! I'm sorry that things have been rough lately! You guys have had a ton going on and a lot of adjusting on top of regular busyness. It will get better! If you can you should plan a date night for just the two of you. Or date afternoon on the weekend. But just the two of you. You guys need some alone time before Miss Molly comes!

  2. That situation with your husband is one I find hard too. Hope things find a better balance for you soon.

  3. Haha that's awesome that even the cashiers were impressed with your deals!


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