Happy four month birthday, Presley Rose!

 Dear Presley girl,

My oh my how you've changed over the time we've had you in our arms!  You are really starting to show us exactly who you are.  You are constantly getting bigger, stronger, smarter, funnier, and sweeter every day.  

We saw your sweet pediatrician this week -- Dr. Brodd -- for your 4 month check up.  You weighed 14 lbs. 5 oz. and you were 24.5 inches long!  (Last time we saw him was for your 2 month check up and you were 11 lbs. 12 oz. and 22.5 inches long!)  When we got to the Dr's office, mommy signed you in while you and daddy were sitting down.  All of a sudden, you started CRACKING UP!  It was so awesome.  The more we all laughed at you, the more you laughed!!!  Mommy and Daddy were crying we were laughing so hard and the ladies up front couldn't believe it.  It was the first time you really let out those kind of belly laughs and I am hoping to hear many more of those in our days to come together!  I just captured a quick second of you laughing as we were heading back to our room - and of course once you saw my phone you stopped laughing immediately.

I can't believe how well you take to things.  You started sleeping in your crib like a champ, you took a bottle for the first time when you were three months old with no problem, and you were just fine when I started supplementing with 2 oz. of formula at night!!!  You don't have any nipple confusion between me, your paci, and your bottle.  And you really did so awesome today with your shots.  You definitely got your feelings hurt when the nurse starting stabbing you with the needles, but it didn't take you long to calm down.  I find myself always waiting for the other shoe to drop but I really think you are just pretty easygoing!

You are somewhat "spoiled" in that when you cry or are upset we tend to it right away.  I don't like it when you get really upset so if there is something we can do to help you, we're right there!  And hey, so far it really has worked.  I know these are not days that you will remember, but just know that you are the first thing I see in the morning these days and every night before I go lay down, I go in to check on you and just watch you sleep.  (You are the cutest sleeper I've ever seen!  And so far, no snoring! :) Woo-hoo!!!)

When I look at you every day, in my eyes you haven't changed a bit.  But when I look back at early pictures of you and compare them to how big you are now, it's just crazy how much everything about you has changed.  I try to take it all in so I will be able to remember these things forever, but just like I've already started to forget those earliest days, I'm sure one day I'll forget these days as well.

Your sweet little hands!

I really give you a hard time because you aren't a big fan of being in the water yet, but today at the park, you really didn't seem to mind the water!!!  Baby steps!  I think it might have been because you were so tired that you didn't really care what we were doing, but I'm hoping this is the first step towards your love of the water.

You love being outside, that is for sure.  You've also been coming into mama & daddy's bed in the morning after you wake up and you will cat nap with me until we're ready to get up for the day.  You are a wiggle worm, that is for sure!  Some days you're slapping me in the face with your crazy arms and other days you move your head back and forth way too many times to count.  Either way, I really love our snuggle sessions.  Especially since you are already turning into a little independent thing!

You are also starting to KINDA give kisses.  As in, you like to try to lick us!  So hilarious and really, really precious.

Mommy is still the one who can calm you down the fastest and who can usually seem to calm you down before you fall asleep at night.  But daddy is the one with all the patience!  For the first time in our life together, your daddy and I finally make a really awesome team.  In so many ways you have really turned us into a family and I marvel everyday at just how much you have changed our life.  We are so lucky to be your parents and I hope that one day you feel just as lucky to have us for your parents.

I love you SO very much, Presley!

Love you always,  

your crazy mama!


  1. You are so crazy, but Presley is so lucky to have both of you.

  2. Presley is such a little doll! I love the laughing video and how she stopped as soon as she saw your camera! Abi does that too, she'll be chatting away and as soon as I get out my phone to try to capture it, she gets all wide eyed and just stares at it! LOL Silly little girls! :)

  3. This is so sweet. Yes! I love that our babies are so close in age. It's nice to follow along with. We had his 4 month check up last week and he was a hefty 15lbs 13oz. :) They are getting heavy aren't they? hehe. My husband is the same way- the one with the patience. Veeery thankful for him!

  4. hey I popped into your blog from Mi Todo's! Our babies are close in age, Wyatt is about to be 4 months in about a week. I love your blog, and I agree, I look back at pictures and think, wow, look at what all has changed! It's exciting but it also makes me sad that it's flying by so quickly!


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