Pregnancy update!

So, I'm still pregnant. :) And by the sounds of it, this baby isn't going anywhere anytime TOO soon -- my doctor is still adamant in her professional opinion that I'll follow in most first time mother's footsteps and deliver after my due date.  Honestly, even though I feel huge (AND, have just started getting stretch marks on my belly) and am ready for Presley to get here, I would really be okay with waiting until my due date or beyond.  Now, because I want to log everything as I've done throughout my pregnancy, I'm going to continue talking about pregnancy symptoms.  Some of your reactions to the specifics might be alongside the likes of my sister's -- Amanda, to be exact -- and you might think the following is "Ewwie."  You've been warned.  But if you've ever read a pregnancy book in your life or learned the biology of pregnancy, I'm sure you won't hear anything you haven't heard before.

As far as my stats go, my doctor checked me at my appointment today and I am still 1 CM dilated and about 70% effaced.  And on Tuesday night, I started to lose my mucus plug (that was the "ewwie" part for some of you) which is just another sign that my body is progressing as it should.... GO BODY, GO!  :)  So when I got to my appointment today, I was surprised I hadn't dilated any more than I already was.  And, like the good girl that she is, Presley is still in the head down position!!!  This past week I could swear that she moved into a funky position because I've been so uncomfortable and felt so much pressure in my midsection, but it must just be because she's growing bigger and running out of space.

Since my body is beginning to get ready for labor, my doctor said the latest she'll let me go past my due date is Monday, March 5th!  It's kinda cool to have a due date and now an expiration date!!! :)  My next appointment is a week from today, but I won't see my doctor since she'll be out of town all next week.  Yes... if I go into labor next week, my doctor will more than likely not be there.  It's a bummer because I really do love my doctor, but so many people I love and trust know her midwife and have highly recommended her, so I will be requesting her if need be.  So, the next time I'll see my doctor if there is still no baby is going to be the day after my due date -- Monday, February 27 and she'll be stripping my membranes in hopes to induce labor with a more natural technique.  It all felt so surreal to me to be talking to my doctor about the specifics today; to see her look at the calendar and to begin to plan for my baby!

And since I gave all that lovely information, the online guessing game to figure out Presley's due date is now locked so no one has any inside information to influence their guess.  Now, I just have to figure out what the prize is going to be for whomever wins! 

So that is all I really have for a pregnancy update.  I can't believe that tomorrow I'll already be 39 weeks pregnant.  It doesn't seem very long ago that we were just finding out that we were expecting in the first place!!!

A picture of us from my phone the night I took the pregnancy test!
Pretty soon I will be writing about how fast Presley is growing rather than how fast my pregnancy has flown by.  And instead of pictures of my own growth over time, my blog will be full of pictures of her as she grows!  If I guessed correctly on the online pool, only 11 more days until we all get to know the girl who has inspired all this blogging over the past several months. :)


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