One thing I am SO incredibly thankful for is the support I've gotten throughout my pregnancy from various women in my life.  Whether they are my coworkers & mom's from the kids gym, family members, friends, fellow-bloggers, strangers... these ladies have helped to make this time in my life a positive experience.  Each person comes from a different background and has experienced separate things from one another therefore giving me a more holistic view of pregnancy, motherhood, and all the stages you may encounter as a woman.  I've gotten to know these various women on a different level than before as they share with me their personal and intimate stories (childbirth, parenting, etc.), their frustrations and joys throughout it all, all while making me and my nine month journey seem totally new and special.  The connections you make with people change you and this is the reason (or... one of the many) it fulfills me to work around children and families.

Like I said before, I have been really lucky to find a group of women to keep in touch with throughout our pregnancies via facebook, blogspot, and various other online means.  It's incredible to see the similarities and differences we've encountered.  One of the people I've had so much fun following is the hilarious Megan (Life lessons of a crazy hormonal pregnant lady) throughout her pregnancy with "Herman Sherman" (I will be so thrilled to learn his REAL name once it's unveiled after his birth).  She recently made a list of things she's looking forward to accomplishing once she's just a regular crazy hormonal lady! :)  I thought it was such a fun idea to compile a personal list of "to do's" once I'm no longer a vessel of human life so I've decided to partake in the fun.  (However, I, too, will be breastfeeding postpartum, so some of these will have to wait or will need special accommodations for them to happen... but oh boy, they WILL be happening!)  Without further ado...

10 things I'm SUPER excited to do postpartum!

#10.  Driving my happy butt up to Starbucks and ordering a VENTI tuxedo!!!!  I am not one to over-indulge on the warm coffee drinks from Starbucks... mostly because the high price and amount of calories... so I stick with ordering a tall.  However, this will be the most joyous of occasions and I will HAPPILY over-indulge! 

#09.  ZUMBA!!!!!  I know that so many women keep up with their workout routines, but I was not one of them.  (Hello extra weight!)  And you know what?  I feel justified in it.  I spent months beating myself up over it and have not enjoyed having others willingly comment on my weight and figure in less than beautiful ways, but I realize that my baby is healthy as far as we know and THAT is most important to me in this moment.  So, I am going to be abso-freaking-lutely THRILLED to get back to my Zumba (aerobic dance) class and shape my happy butt, hips, and thighs to fun, loud music!  I always leave that class in a better mood than I walked in with and a smile on my face!!

#08.  Going to Chili's and enjoying a delicious margarita with my husband!

#07.  I am so excited to be able to ride roller coasters again!  Not that I will be going anywhere to take advantage of this anytime soon, just KNOWING that I can makes me so happy.  We got invited to go to Six Flags a few months ago and I was super excited until I realized that I wouldn't really be able to do anything there after all.  Needless to say, we didn't partake in that adventure, but I am excited to be able to do that if the opportunity comes along.  (So now, in my daydreams about revisiting Walt Disney World, I will be able to ride all the rides in my head... YAY!)

#06.  Enjoying a nice, long, luxurious soak in a hot tub (at a million degrees!) and visiting the steam room at the Y and being able to half-suffocate in all it's glory again!  :) 

#05.  Being able to sit flat on the floor with ease again.  It's incredible how something so (seemingly) insignificant can really impact you throughout the day. 

#04.  While we're at it, I will be happy to be able to sit, lay, stand, etc. in WHATEVER position I want!  Perhaps I am most excited to lay flat on my back!!!!

#03.  Handing the baby off to my husband!!!!!  Man, THIS WILL BE A WONDERFUL FEELING!  We've joked throughout my pregnancy about this...
Me: carrying stuff into the house from the car...
Tony: "Want me to take something?"
Me: "Ugh, yeah, Presley is really killing my back... mind carrying her for the next little bit?"
And it will be fabulous to be able to REALLY do this!  Whether it's Tony taking her so I can take a short nap, carrying her in her carrier because it's for sure going to get heavy, or just holding her while we're out when my arms get tired -- it will be so fantastic to not be the only one caring for her/physically carrying her 100% of the time!

#02.  SUSHI!  I am not one who has been super restrictive on what I eat -- I've had lunch meats, tuna & seafood, and caffeine while being pregnant and my doctor is okay with it!  I don't go overboard on any of the aforementioned items and I stay within safe limits of those things, but sushi is one thing I chose not to really mess with.  I will be so excited to eat sushi again and order my steak and burgers MEDIUM again!

#01.  Okay I honestly can't find of one thing I am more excited to do than to see my baby girl's precious face!!!!!!!!!!  I know this list was intended to be about things I'm excited to do for myself once I'm no longer pregnant, but I can't think of anything I am more excited to see or do!  I want to see her skin, her eyes, her hair... her tiny toes and fingers... her big belly, her lips, backbone, EVERYTHING!!!  I can't picture what any of that is going to look like - but I can tell you I get weepy just thinking about it all and I look forward to holding her and taking it all in. 



  1. Love it! And I just thought of another one for myself, I can't wait to sleep on by belly again!


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