20 week Pregnancy Reflection!

How far along?:  I'm twenty weeks & two days pregnant!  Finally, HALFWAY THERE!!!

Size of the baby:  The baby is the size of a BANANA this week!

7 in. & 11 oz.

Gender: IT'S A GIRL!  Time to buy some pink stuff!!!

I am feeling:  Well, early this week when the baby refused to show itself, I was EXTREMELY bummed.  As the week went on, we planned on paying for a second ultrasound to find out and decided to keep this one a secret in case it didn't happen again.  All week I was anxious and just waiting for Friday!  When we found out Friday, I was beyond excited!!!  Since about 16 weeks, I really felt strongly like I was carrying a girl, so when we found out it was indeed a girl, I felt like my bond with our baby got even stronger!

Total weight +/-:  It's not official from the doctor or anything (and my scale lies to me all the time!), but according to my scale I'm probably somewhere around +10 lbs.

Movement:  I am starting to feel the baby just about everyday!  I'm not really second guessing those movements anymore because it's getting more and more obvious.  Just like at sixteen weeks when I first felt the baby kick, this week in mass the baby was super active!  I love those experiences. 

What I miss most:  I miss being able to stand up for a long time without getting winded.  I'm not sure why, but when I stand for any amount of time, I get VERY winded and sometimes feel like I'm gonna fall over.  That makes doing dishes difficult and uncomfortable... which is IRRITATING!

What I'm excited about:  I am excited to continue to register for baby items (we started registering at Babies R Us tonight).  I feel like it makes things more real for both Tony and I.  I love getting to hear his opinion about items (like strollers or bedding) and why he dis/likes certain things... it's especially fun seeing him pick out ULTRA girly things for our baby girl!!! :)  We would have been lost without the list from Sharon from her blog - it's all about necessary items and separating them from the more optional items!  Thank you SO MUCH, Sharon!!!!

Cravings:  Hmm... I guess it really just depends.  I've been craving meat recently -- like a big, juicy steak!  And today, Tony and I went to Red Robin and had the most delicious burger I think I've ever had; SO delicious!!!!  (Which is crazy because ground beef, ground turkey, and even chicken have been a few of the aversions I've been having since becoming pregnant!!!!)  Also, craving Mexican food quite a bit (what's new?)  -- especially bean tostadas!

Sleep:  Ever since I bought my magic pillow, I sleep soundly whether I'd like to or not!  Even if I just go lay on the bed to rest for a bit in the afternoon... it never fails... I'm knocked out in minutes!

Best moment of the week:  Since this week is just starting, I'm going to reflect back on last week's happenings.  There are about three special moments that stick out; we'll start with our ultrasound on Monday.  We got to see our baby and got the clearest look and BEAUTIFUL pictures.  I was so overjoyed and just felt so wonderful in that moment.  The second special moment was our other ultrasound on Friday when Tony & I found out that we were expecting a little girl!  I was and still find myself a bit shocked - but now that we know, it has helped me bond even more with the baby in my belly!  And the last special moment was when Tony felt the baby kick this week for the first time!  I've been waiting for him to feel that (and so has he) and I just felt so excited to be able to share that experience with him.


  1. Looks like you've had quite an eventful week!! I'm so glad my registry short list helped! Now that I'm so close to my delivery date, I've come to realize that the three crucial things that you ABSOLUTELY need to bring baby home are the car seat, crib/bassinet, and diapers/changing supplies. Everything else you can always go buy afterward (if you have the energy! Hahaha). Congrats on the midpoint of your pregnancy!! Isn't it all so exciting and amazing?


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