IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

And you KNOW I couldn't be happier!!!!!!!

So, as you have probably guessed, we decided to go ahead and pay for another ultrasound to find out what we were having!  We had our appointment today at 3 p.m. and found out then!  It seemed like I asked the technician over and over again, "So, you are sure it's a girl?"  Because after waiting for what seems like forever to find out, I couldn't believe the wait was over!  She showed us again and again and reassured me that she was 99% positive that it was a girl.  (Um... well... what about that 1% lady?!  Just kidding!)

Tony's happy too - of course - even though he was still holding out for a boy.  It didn't help much that he got his hopes up after our ultrasound on Monday when the technician said, "Well... if I had to guess... I would say it was a boy," ...even though she kept saying she had no idea and couldn't tell because the baby's feet were in the way.  We went to Kohl's right after the appointment and each of us picked out a little girl's outfit because I had a leftover gift card & a $10 off coupon.  It still doesn't feel real, though!

Now that we know I am so excited to start registering!  Now, I just have to give some serious thought as to where we are going to register for baby items.  As much as I like Target's items, their return policy and customer service really sucks and caused me to completely delete my registry there a few weeks before our wedding because I was so frustrated with them!  So I'm not sure that we will go there to register or not.

Well, Betsy's on her way over to pick me up... a couple of us are going out for dinner and I cannot wait!!!  So I will have to write later :)


  1. Yay! Congratulations! Our first is a girl, she almost 15 months old now! I had originally hoped for a boy because I wanted a boy for my first child, but now that baby girl's with us, I can't imagine anyone else. She's definitely more fun to dress up and shop for! :)

  2. Congrats! I'm so glad you were able to find out! It makes registering and decorating so much easier! I was very overwhelmed when I first went to Babies R' Us to register-- there's SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM! Here's a blog post I did after researching the "short list" of what you really need initially.
    It might help! Congrats again, and enjoy the process!! :)


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