Praising abundance...

Today's point of praise:  "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;  I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."  (John 10:10)  Day #2

When I read this I really had to think hard about what that verse meant to me and for me.  I know I've felt so abundantly blessed recently - but I am especially feeling that so much today.  As most of you already know, I work with kids everyday in a daycare-type setting.  I work at the YMCA in the Kids Gym, so I get to hang out with kiddos while their parents work out... pretty much a fabulous opportunity to get to know some amazing kids and their fabulous parents.  I have been abundantly blessed by these people;  my life very much enriched by knowing them.  Today was just another great day because a family that I feel particularly close to came in after not seeing them for a while and it put me in the best mood.  On top of it, their mom brought me the winter jacket she wore when she was pregnant in the winter time.  It's beautiful and warm and big enough and is in such good condition.  That means one less thing for me to worry about purchasing before the weather starts changing.  And it means a lot to me that she thought of me for something so wonderful! 

In addition to that, a friend of a friend contacted me a little while ago and asked if I could use a pack & play as well as a high chair - both in great condition and practically brand new!  I was over the moon that she was so thoughtful and even thought of me and of course I said I'd love them!  It just so happens that I picked those items up today in addition to some other baby items.  I'm always worried about having enough money, enough room, enough support, etc. to bring a baby into this world and it seems that God and the kindness of others are slowly putting my worries up on a shelf!  I've also been learning that it's no accident that a baby has come into our lives at this time;  time and time again God's totally causing me to step back and realize that it's all gonna work out even if it's not perfect and that it's OKAY if things aren't perfect!  I just stopped today mid-afternoon and thought, "Dang... I am so blessed."  So to be asked to praise God for his abundance seems like it's no coincidence.  (I'll post pictures of my new stuff soon!)

In other news, I went to Target to look at their maternity clothes the other night (um... expensive!) and after I decided that I was not getting anything, I wandered over to the food department to get some late snacks.  I'd been hearing from a friend who's been trying to watch what she eats that pickles were a good snack to have and as a result I've really been wanting some pickles!  So I picked up a jar of those and walked past the ice cream section.  Without immediately realizing the "pickles and ice cream" pregnancy cliche, I picked out some cookie dough ice cream and headed to check out.  On the way up front I thought how funny it must look for me to be carrying these two things together.  I ended up bumping into a friend in the check out lane and she was like, "Really? Pickles and ice cream?!"  :)  Hilarious!  I love having an excuse to eat ridiculous things!  I promise, I did not eat them in the same bowl... but I did eat them right after the other and it was delicious.

Other than those few things, it's been business as usual in the Duggan household.  Everybody keeps telling me my belly is getting bigger and that is for sure!  It seems like overnight my stomach has really started popping out.  I took a picture at twenty weeks but I can't find the camera cord... so here is a picture from the other night before we headed out to dinner ...

20 weeks & 3 days!

Hopefully I'll get a better picture Friday and potentially have more interesting things to write about!  Until then, have a great week, bloggies! :)


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