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I am still shocked at how fast time has flown by.... it really seems like only yesterday that we found out we were expecting when in reality, we are now over halfway through our first pregnancy!  Equally shocking?  Seeing pictures of myself these days (especially in comparison to my pre-bump self)....

Today we took the first step (of many...) into transforming our guest bedroom into a nursery and it honestly felt great to get the ball rolling.  This involved moving our full bed into storage and trading that in for a daybed with a trundle bed underneath and adding a little white baby dresser!  My aunt and uncle were great enough to help us out with the bed and dresser that weren't getting use in their house.  Next step?  Adding the perfect crib to the ensemble!  So far, out of all the cribs we've looked at in all the various stores, this crib from is our favorite:

It was $10 off last week, so I'm hoping it goes on sale again sometime soon.  I think that it'll go well with the white dresser we now have - plus it is beautiful and simple.  I thought we would offset the white with black in the room but then we got this bed that is a pretty brown wood and the drapes in the room are a light brown... so it's looking like we'll stick with tan and pull that into the room as well.  This will work out nicely because last year I found a brown comforter at Target on sale for just under $7 that will fit on the bed and will hopefully go well with everything else.

Brown comforter to the right of the picture!

And then, of course, we're gonna throw some pink in the mix for the nursery as well.  I'm starting to get pretty excited now that things are just kinda falling into place and even more excited to really turn it into a nursery!

In other pregnancy-related news, I tried out a prenatal Pilates DVD and I really liked it!  It's called "10 Minute Solution:  Prenatal Pilates" and I started out with the standing Pilates routine and I felt like it had great balance in it -- challenging yet not too difficult for not having worked out for a LONG time.  Now, the REAL challenge will be getting myself to do it for a second time.... I am so lazy these days.  I'm definitely looking for motivation... even though all I have to do is look down at my ever-growing thighs to make me want to get up and be active!  :)

Alright, that's enough for now bloggies!!!  Hope you have a great weekend & FUN Halloweekend!


  1. Love the new font on the site! :)

  2. @Amanda Carrico Thanks! :) I love that font!!!! I just adjusted the other fonts on the page again -- love fun fonts!


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