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Currently x20 {link up}

Linking up with Harvesting Kale for Currently.
The prompts this week {watching, learning, considering, needing, changing}

WATCHING:  We got to see two of our awesome friends become parents together this week and might I say I am pretty darn excited about that!  Chris & Kristen brought Baby Everett into the world on Wednesday.  It's gonna be so great to have Everett & Molly so close in proximity as well as age, too, with them being three months apart.  And then next week we get to watch two more friends get married as well.  I can't wait to see Tyler & Marsha tie the knot next weekend!!!
(It's been a long time coming to see Tony's best friends settle their crazy butts down and it is nice to see!) 

LEARNING:  Why forgiveness or just letting things go is so important.  And really, it takes too much energy to hold onto resenting someone or hating certain things.  It feels so good to move on into the light.  I love the saying that goes something like this:   Hold…

Currently x19 {link up}

Linking up for another week of sharing our current circumstances along with Harvesting Kale The prompts for this week: {loving, craving, demanding, questioning, & worrying}
LOVING: my Lana pandora station, my children's nap time, Big Brother, trips to Target, the NFL season (go Cowboys!), photo shoots with my big girl, my kids and my husband, that old school Avril came on my iPod in the car today.

I just love great music and beautiful words and John Legend's smooth voice.

CRAVING: more family time, pretzels, sweet tea, a cool breeze, incredible stories, alone time, my best friend, the Ellen show (just a few more days!), Grey's Anatomy & Scandal (a few more weeks!), the Fault in our Stars on DVD, a long shower.

DEMANDING:  for autumn to hurry up!  I am so looking forward the the fall this year.  I can't wait until Thanksgiving and then especially for Christmas - I feel like it'll a fun one this year considering Presley's age!  I am also demanding Netflix and…

Happy 2 Month Birthday, Molly Lou!

I feel so unprepared to write this blog. And that kills me!

Last time around I had so much time to dedicate to observing Presley's every move since her firsts were my mommy firsts, too.  This time around I am slacking so bad!  Don't get me wrong, Molly is ABSOLUTELY not missing out on any of the love or attention or affection that Presley received as a baby... it's just all flying by so fast, I guess.  Too fast to remember to take note!

So here we are two months post partum with our second baby girl.

Molly weighed in at 11 pounds 3 ounces and measured 23 inches today (compared to Presley's 11 pounds 12 ounces and 22.5 inches at her two month check up).  When it comes to her growth, she follows very closely to her big sister - it still cracks me up they weighed the same at birth!!! 

She got her first round of shots today and if anything it has become even harder to watch my kid(s) get shots!!!  I was able to nurse Molly after her shots and that helped to calm her down…