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34 Week Pregnancy Reflection {Baby #2!}

How far along?:  34 weeks along in my second pregnancy.  Of course, that means only 6 weeks to go!

I am feeling:  Thank the Lord, I am feeling really great still.  My hips are sore throughout the day - but nothing too bad.  I can also feel the results of the extra relaxin in my system - the arches of my feet feel like they are literally shredding sometimes. (I remember this from my previous pregnancy.)
Size of baby:  Molly is somewhere around 5 pounds & 20 inches now.  Seems so unreal!  She is about the size of a pineapple this week.

Movement:  Uh, hello dancing queen!  Molly's been jumping around in there lately and must be running out of room because it is getting uncomfortable.  I feel like she is in the transverse position... I hope it's not for long if I'm right!
What I miss most:  Sleeping through the night.  I'm really not complaining, because it seems like I am able to sleep better at night than when I was pregnant with Presley, but it is just striking to wake …

Anniversary, visitors, shopping, big girl beds, & Memorial Day!

Since I last wrote....
Tony & I celebrated 3 years of marriage!  How did we celebrate?  Mexican take-out (because that's what I was "craving" and my husband is my best friend) along with my favorite flowers - carnations - from my husband along with several scratch-off tickets (what a fun idea)! I still haven't written about my sisters coming in town or our housewarming party.  I failed big time when it came to documenting the party - I was too busy having fun and seriously didn't take a single picture!  Not of our friends, family, or the food.  Bummer.  But it's definitely a good thing that we were too busy enjoying ourselves.Did some shopping at Old Navy.  I flipping love that store and shopping their online deals, too.Finally got a humungous area rug for our living room, thanks to recommendations from my favorite twin-cousin, Breanne!Presley now sleeps in a big girl (toddler) bed rather than her crib.  I am so proud of her but my mommy heart breaks …

32 & 33 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby TWO}

I know, I know... I failed to post last week!  Making up for it (a little) by posting a bit from last week AND this week.  :)

How far along?:  32 weeks along in my second pregnancy.
Movement:  Just this week she has started to get a LOT more crazy with her movements.  I've also started to feel her hiccups occasionally!  (And they're just as annoying as last time!)

Cravings:  All things cottage cheese.  Also, gyros.  We had Kabob International - and our first gyros since moving back - and OH MY GOSH!  They are literally the best gyros I've ever had.  Yes, that means just as good as (or better than)Uncle Pete's to my QC people.  Kabob tops their gyros with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, & of course tzatziki (cucumber) sauce.  Seriously.  Amazing.

*  *  *
How far along?:  33 weeks along in my second pregnancy - more than likely less than 7 weeks to go!  I can do this.  I can do this.  I can do this.

I am feeling:  After spending the long weekend with friends, family, my …

Finding a Parish in Memphis.

As you guys probably are already well aware of - we just recently purchased a new home at the end of March in the Memphis area after having lived in the Midwest for the last five years.  We've been in the Memphis area for the last several months while looking for a home and Tony and I also both grew up in Memphis.  However, we are both new to living in Cordova (which is a suburb here).  When it comes to finding a church, we are starting the hunt by checking out the churches closest to us.  We were members of a seriously wonderful Catholic Church back in Moline.  Christ the King Catholic Church is the church I had visited for years when visiting family, the church I went to throughout my last year of high school, where I made my all my TEC weekends, home of the priest that we just absolutely love and appreciate, the place where Tony & I took RCIA classes for his baptism, the church he was baptized in, the place we got married, the church where Presley was baptized in... it j…

A Happy Mother's Day.

Yesterday was just one of those perfect days.  My husband started off the day by giving me the gift of sleep.  And when I did get my wake up call, it was my husband and my two year old daughter coming in the room to wake me up - which was a great, warm feeling!  When they came in to wake me, they also brought me a super sweet Mother's Day card that they made together... the BEST kind.  I got to play in bed with Presley for a little while before getting up and getting ready.

Next on the schedule?  We drove down to Tunica, Mississippi to have lunch with his parents at Sam's Town Casino's buffet.  They have Corky's BBQ - so I had DELICIOUS ribs for the first time since being back in Memphis.  Delicious!  My mother-in-law even pointed out that the dessert bar had no-sugar added options for me!!  We always have so much fun with my in-laws, Selena & Mike, and Presley just adores them so much. 

Oh, and did I mention, I didn't change a single diaper?  I didn't ev…

31 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby two}

How far along?:  31 weeks or so - leaving only 9 weeks in my second pregnancy!  Woo-Hoo!!!

I am feeling:  So-so.  I think I am actually feeling better since making changes to my diet (aka - cutting out a LOT of sugar) but the reality of gestational diabetes is such a bummer.  This week I found out that 60% of women diagnosed with GD will develop diabetes later in life.  I have just really been stuck on that because it is such a high percentage.  And a scary one at that.  I've also just been anxious about all the changes that our little family will go through come July!  I had to remind myself today that we chose this!!!!  The closer it gets, the more I begin to feel inadequate and the panic sets in.  In truth... I just really like sleep.

Size of baby:  Somewhere around 18 inches long - and nearing birth height - but still has another 4-5 lbs to pack on before the big day.

Weekly growth milestone:  Molly is now perceiving signals from all 5 senses!  That is crazy.

Movement:  I've b…