23 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby two!} & baby's name!

How far along?:  23 weeks along in my second pregnancy!  And I'm so excited to have made it this far in good health with no detectable complications.

Which only means we have less than 17 weeks to go!

I'm feeling:  very excited about Tony & I choosing our little girl's name!  We've had her name in mind and have been tossing it over in our minds and between each other for the last several weeks, but finally we've both agreed that Miss Molly Lou Duggan will be joining our family this summer!!!  It is a family name - the name of Tony's Great Great Grandmother - Molly Lou Duggan Ward.  We had been considering Molly for some time and it wasn't until Granny (Tony's paternal grandmother, Alma Lou) said the following that I really started campaigning this for her name:

"...that makes me so excited that you would even consider it. She was my Grandmother and Duggan was her maiden name. She was one of the most beloved people you would ever hope to meet or know. She left quite a legacy in the Duggan-Ward family and was so loved by so many and never met a stranger or anyone that she didn't she the good in. I'm sure that would make a lot of people in the Ward clan happy. Ma, as she was called by everyone, related or not was someone you would haved loved too. I'll keep my fingers crossed because there's a little bit of me in that name also."

What is not to love about that?!  Sounds great with Presley and with Duggan, her initials (MLD) aren't anything significant or offensive, and it has a strong family background... so it fits perfectly with what we're looking for.  Tony pointed it out, "Isn't it funny that we went with family names from both of our father's sides of the family for our children so far?" And according to ancestry.com, this could be a picture of the first Molly Lou Duggan - though we'll have to get Granny to confirm it:

Movement:  We've got a major kicker on our hands.  She kicks most in the wee hours of the morning, around bedtime, and occasionally throughout the day.  And her movement has gotten a lot stronger over the last week... I can definitely tell she is getting bigger.

Size of Baby:  This week, Molly is a papaya!

Roughly 8 inches and 1.2 pounds!

What I miss most:  Sleep sleep sleep.  This pregnancy is tampering with my sleep and that is just not entirely favorable for someone who LOVES to sleep.  I don't like that I can't seem to catch my breath or take a deep breath because she must be right on my diaphragm!  All things I can deal with and are entirely temporary.  Like I've said before, I don't feel like this pregnancy hinders me from doing anything I need to do.  I have to slow down and take it easier at times, but I never hesitate to pick up and carry Presley as needed - which is something I had worried about minutely early on.

What I'm excited about:  I'm excited about becoming homeowners this month - I HOPE - as long as everything goes as planned.  I'm soooo beyond excited to get Presley into her big girl bed and to start setting up the nursery.  I'm excited for every possibility this home offers our family!!!

24 month old Presley & my 23 week old baby bump!

Cravings:  warmer weather, ice cold water, a warm bath in an over-sized bathtub full of bubbles, a back/foot rub, a vacation, donuts, to go swimming & feel weightless momentarily, to no longer live out of a suitcase, and coffee.


  1. Ahhh I love the name!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!!❤️❤️❤️

  2. I love her name! Molly Sue is so adorable!

  3. The picture you posted is definitely Ma (Molly Lou Duggan). She was born in 1900 and married Richard Fletcher Ward at the age of 13 and had the first of her nine children at age 14. Having her name passed on in this generation would make her very happy! It makes me very happy!


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