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Natalie over at The Iverson's wrote about some of the blogs she's been keeping up with lately and I wanted to share with her a few of the blogs I read frequently right now.  But then I figured I would just write about it and share it with everybody who might be looking for new blogs to read so here you go!  Check them out and let me know what you think!  Also, I'd love to read about some of your favorite bloggers - if you'd like to participate then feel free to link up below and share the love!!!


AJ Wolfe at the disney food blog | food IS a theme park - this is pretty self explanatory as to why I follow this one... I AM A HUGE DISNEY ADDICT.  One of my favorite things about our honeymoon was the AMAZING restaurants we sampled in a weeks time and the delicious food we tasted.  Reading about it through someone else's experience just makes it all that much more real and vivid for me.  Not to mention, prepares me for any and all future Disney trips we take!  I implore you to check this one out for the simple reason that it will make you extremely HAPPY (and hungry)!!!

Ryanne at Girl Ryanne - I will tell you upfront that this is one blog I do not miss updates on.  As soon as Ryanne posts, I am right there catching up!  Her blog is so incredibly relatable - maybe it's because we are both 20-something married ladies, but I truly believe her writing, journey, and story is very inviting.  Along with her husband, Chris, she is actively TTC (trying to conceive) and this is perhaps the topic at the heart of her blog and my favorite part of her writing - TTC Thursdays!  They are filled with fertility topics and I think it's so commendable that Ryanne shares her knowledge of the topic for ladies who might not know these things otherwise.  Check her out, love her, support her, & let her know you stopped by!!

Allie at Table for MORE - One of my mommy inspirations!  She is breastfeeding, Catholic mother to FOUR beautiful boys (4 under 4 if I'm not mistaken) and not only that but she blogs about healthy living, birthday party planning, DIYs, home renovations, decorating & home life as a woman, wife, and mother.  Not to mention... Allie's also got some new projects in-the-works that I'm patiently awaiting!!  Not kidding when I say I love this blogger! 

Mandi at Messy Wife, Blessed Life - been LOVING this blog lately.  I've been following it for several years now, so I am totally invested, but she has been through some major life changing events recently and the tone of her writing has developed and matured and I just love her perspective on life.  She's a Catholic mom blogger so it helps that we have similar interests as well.  Definitely check out her blog!

and a bonus blogger just starting out...
Kaela at For Love and Sunday Adventures - new blog alert!!!  This is a fellow Memphis blogger who is documenting her newlywed life throughout the first year of her marriage!  Another bonus in following Kaela?  She's going to be sharing her monthly date adventures via blog (read more about that here) - I, like the rest of the world, could use a little bit more romance & happies in my life and if that means reading along in her journey, count me in!



  1. Ali, thanks so much for including me and all your kind words! I definitely will write out some of my favorites soon and link up!

  2. Thanks for including me Ali! :-)


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