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Linking up with Christina at Carolina Charm for her Five on Friday for the first time!


Catching Fire is finally out on DVD!  Already picked up my copy from Redbox and can't wait to watch it!!!  Normally I would wait until I had a free rental code - but this just couldn't wait.  Any other Hunger Games fanatics out there?!  


Why is it that doctor's offices are among the most healing of places coupled with the most frustrating depending on the day/person/moment/mood/ego...?  ARGH.  For those who didn't read about my issue via Facebook - here is a quick summation of what is going on: 

me: "Could you explain why my medical records have not been faxed from your office yet considering I faxed my release form first thing Monday morning?"
"We only fax medical records on Fridays."
me: "Well, it's still Friday!"
"Your doctors nurse isn't in today so she will get to it Monday and they will fax it next Friday. Okay?"
me: "But, it's still Friday. Are my files in the office right now?"
me: "Are my doctor and her nurse the only two people with access to my files?"
"Umm......... yes."
me: "Really? Because I've been in on other days and seen another doctor and they were able to access my files every time."
"I'm just not sure... but the nurse will be able to explain it all to you Monday."
me: "That's just not good enough for me.  While I was a patient I always got top notch care and excellent service - and now that I am no longer a patient the ball is being dropped for me. Do you see why this is frustrating? Waiting until next week is not acceptable."
"Can you hold just one moment?"
me: "Absolutely."
new person gets on the phone - "Hi! I'm going to get going on these files and fax them over this afternoon... they actually might have already faxed them..."
me: "They haven't. I literally just got off the phone with my new OB office who has faxed my release form twice this week and it's gone through both times with no response. They asked me to contact you to see what the hold-up is."

This is how our conversation went today when I called around 1pm this afternoon.  I spoke to my former OBGYN's office both Monday and Tuesday in addition to today.  The only difference between the beginning of the week and today?  I refused to be pushed aside.  After the strenuous 10 minute phone call this afternoon, it took approximately 40 minutes for them to pull my files, walk upstairs, fax them, and leave me a voicemail stating it had been done.  As I said before - moral of the story?  Do not EVER give up or settle... especially if it doesn't feel right and ESPECIALLY if it has to do with yourself!!!  The best advice I've ever gotten from Oprah was DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!  It never took blowing up, raising my voice, cursing, or losing my temper, either.  It took calm and rational thoughts and speaking.  It took asking questions.  It took courage, patience, and manners.  It also took being firm and not accepting the unacceptable.  This lesson doesn't just go towards healthcare... it's a lesson that applies to so many facets of our daily lives.  Especially as a woman.


I'm catching up on Grey's Anatomy... again/finally!  I am SO HAPPY they have seemingly pushed through the awkward start to this season.  I almost gave up on the show after being a fan since day one because it was just THAT bad this year!!!  I'm loving where they have taken so many of the relationships and just cannot imagine the show without Cristina Yang.  I remember feeling this way when Burke left.  When Denny died.  When George died.  When Izzie left.  When Henry died.  When Little Grey died.  When McSteamy died.... ETC!  So I just hope they write her off better than they did Izzie - that was just pathetic and her character certainly deserves more.  Man.  Has it been a crazy ten seasons or what?!  But really, it's gonna be so weird without her on the show.  Oh, and the news of Isaiah Washington coming back for her big send off?  Hmmmm.... what do you think about that?


McAlister's Deli is my favorite place right now.  It's kinda always been, but now it's for much different reasons than before.  I don't know if it's the same where you live, but on Tuesday evenings & all day Saturday kids eat free!  Plus, on all the other days, their kids meals are only $2.49!  That is awesome!  And they serve some really great options - Presley's two favorites are their turkey + cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches.  And for adults they have punch cards for meals (10th one is free) and even tea punch cards (5th one is free).  Just saying.  If you have to go out to eat every once in a while you might as well go somewhere with perks!


This weather is crazy.  What kind of crazy is it where you live?  Right now in Memphis it is 60 degrees after being in the 20-30's all week with a weekend outlook reaching into the 70s!  The rollercoaster part is what gets me.  Also, what's your favorite weather app??  I love Haze for iPhone.  (I believe it normally costs money to download it, though.  I got a free download through Starbucks a while back.)  But Haze is limited on the information it offers so of course I'd always be open to a new weather app!

And that's all folks!  What's your Five for Friday look like?  Link up through Christina's blog!


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  2. I love the Hunger Games books and movies. I definitely will be asking for the new movie in my Easter Basket :) (Just joking, I don't really get an Easter basket, but I will be getting the movie soon!) I've had several similarly ridiculous conversations with the front staff of doctor's offices - I'm not sure why, but I always seem to get excellent health care but terrible service otherwise. It must be hard for doctor's offices to hire competent people.


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