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Baby 3.0: 39 Weeks ...& 3 days

*Caution* Just in case you don't want to hear about cervixes dilating or any other details of that nature, go ahead and just stop reading to be on the safe side. You've been warned.  But if you've ever read a pregnancy book in your life or learned the biology of pregnancy, I'm sure you won't hear anything you haven't heard before.
So, let me start out by saying I've never been this pregnant before! I had Presley at 39 weeks & 1 day and seeing as I had her at 6am and was in labor for a few days prior to her birth - I didn't experience much pregnancy past the end of week 38. With Molly I was set to be induced 11 days early and ended up having mild, regular contractions all day prior to induction. I got to the hospital and they administered the cervidil and by that point my body was already rocking & rolling & I had Molly about 10 hours later! I remember towards the end of my pregnancy with Molly I was feeling pretty miserable and I'm sure …

4 Songs with Special Meaning {thursday thoughts}

Alright, so without thinking too much into this prompt, here are the first four special songs that came to mind:

Fireflies by Owl City

Tony surprised me for my 22nd birthday by taking me to Anna Maria Island to visit my Gramma and to spend time at the beach! It was our first time flying on an airplane together and considering we'd known each other for nearly a decade by this point, it was a fun milestone! We flew with AirTran, I believe, and did I mention it was all a huge surprise?! It's the same trip that Tony ended up proposing to me. Anyways, this song was just becoming super popular at the time and every time we turned on the car radio in town or even the XM radio on the airplane, this song would come on! It was pretty hilarious. When we heard it on our flight back home just after we made all the phone calls to family & friends to tell them the exciting news, it was the perfect song to keep our mood uplifted and has been a special song for us ever since.

You & Me b…

Baby 3.0: 38 Weeks & Counting...

So here we are, 38 weeks pregnant. All along I've thought I would have had Crosby by now! I thought since baby #1 came one week early and that baby #2 came two weeks early that baby #3 would be three weeks early and keep with the pattern. But now we're inside the two week mark to my due date and it has me wondering... what if this kid actually waits until my due date - or beyond?!

I am feeling: Surprisingly I feel pretty great still! I really think a lot of that is due to the fact that with two little ones to keep up with all day/everyday I just haven't had much of a choice otherwise! It's kept me busy and moving and focused on other things. Sleep is not perfect BUT it's still great. I pee all.the.time these days. My appetite isn't huge these days or rather it comes and goes. What else?

Baby's size: He's the size of a spaghetti squash! Although I can't know for sure yet, he is likely to be somewhere around 7 pounds by now & over 19.5 inches long.…

Five Books I've Read {thursday thoughts} + 37w4d update!

I love books! I love discovering new books to read and falling in love with the characters and the story, the setting... all of it. But what I end up doing most of the time is rereading my favorite books over and over again. I just get hooked. I've read the Twilight, 50 Shades, & Hunger Games series countless times and have yet to get sick of any of them. I've read the Harry Potter series once throughout and read a couple of the books more than once... I'm currently stuck on HP #4. For some reason I start the series and end up stopping on Goblet of Fire before finishing the series again. So hopefully I can muster up the nighttime energy to finish the series soon so that I can find a new book to read and fall in love with.

Here is a list of a few books I have recommended to people recently! Like I said, I haven't done a whole lot of reading new books lately but these are five books I have absolutely loved.

ONE. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I definitely have no ever cr…

Baby 3.0: 37 Weeks & Nesting

I'm feeling: I've been feeling pretty great lately - all things considered, that is. I don't have a whole ton of energy these days but the modified schedule we have works great. I can tell my nesting has kicked into overdrive... I've been stocking the shelves of our pantry with multiples of everything we use the most, making meals for the freezer, and we currently have plenty of leftovers in the fridge. I made some bread tonight and just have felt the need to cook a whole bunch! Today it was potato soup and Swedish meatballs and egg noodles! I've been tiding up little corners of our house one by one and it just feels really great. 
Part of me feels super ready to just get the ball rolling - to go into labor and to have Crosby. But then of course there is a more rational part of me that realizes I don't have all my ducks in a row yet so maybe right this second wouldn't be the best time to begin labor. Saturday was the day that I hit the official 37 week mark…

Baby 3.0: 35/36 Weeks + Presley in Pre-K!

Ugh, so, I've been slacking on the blog front this week. And so many fun things have happened since I last wrote so there will be lots to share!

Let's start by updating with what I should've finished/meant to post LAST week for when I hit the 35 week mark:
35 Weeks!

I'm feeling: NOT great today. My stomach/abdomen is just feeling really weird. It's not hurting - per-say - but it's just not feeling great. It honestly reminds me of contractions but at the same time it somehow doesn't feel like them. Ugh. Super contrary and making little to no sense, I know, but that's the best description I've got. I also had some really bad nights with heartburn! Thankfully it hasn't been a huge issue lately but I didn't really experience much of that with my first two pregnancies so that has been not fun!

Cravings: I think I could eat gyros and the amazing Mediterranean food at Cedars Restaurant literally everyday. Aside from that I don't really think I…