4 Songs with Special Meaning {thursday thoughts}

Alright, so without thinking too much into this prompt, here are the first four special songs that came to mind:

Fireflies by Owl City

Tony surprised me for my 22nd birthday by taking me to Anna Maria Island to visit my Gramma and to spend time at the beach! It was our first time flying on an airplane together and considering we'd known each other for nearly a decade by this point, it was a fun milestone! We flew with AirTran, I believe, and did I mention it was all a huge surprise?! It's the same trip that Tony ended up proposing to me. Anyways, this song was just becoming super popular at the time and every time we turned on the car radio in town or even the XM radio on the airplane, this song would come on! It was pretty hilarious. When we heard it on our flight back home just after we made all the phone calls to family & friends to tell them the exciting news, it was the perfect song to keep our mood uplifted and has been a special song for us ever since.

You & Me by Dave Matthews Band

We played this one on our wedding day at the reception for the wedding party's dance. I know those are probably cheesy but I loved the idea! And then it turned into a snowball dance - where at random intervals the DJ would let us know it was time to go grab someone else who was sitting down and dance with them. Pretty soon there were tons of our family and friends out on the dance floor to one of our favorite songs. It was special! Tony & I have been to two Dave concerts - both times it was in May and for our anniversary and at both concerts they played You & Me. It's a beautiful song and I love it. Also, try to watch this video without SMILING! It should be pretty impossible. And if you don't have time for the whole thing - tune in around the 3 minute mark!

Love Song by 311

This was the song we danced to as our first dance as husband and wife. I don't remember when or how exactly this song became meaningful to us but this one has been important to Tony & I for the longest time. We used to make mix CDs for each other all the time in high school and he made me a CD one time of all the music that made him think of me and this one was on there. It's a beautiful cover of a great song and I'm glad Tony made me a fan of both this song & 311. I look forward to dancing with him to this song again!

Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

This song is just magically beautiful to me. I love Elvis' voice and the lyrics are timeless and absolutely gorgeous. My dad was a huge fan of Elvis and his music and I always envisioned dancing to this song with him at my wedding. I would have wanted him to choose the song we would have danced to - but I always imaged this would've made the short list of options for him. Anyways, the song is very close to my heart. Since it's so important to me it's a song I started to sing to my baby girls at bedtime and I still do to this day. I hope it stays a special song between Presley, Molly, Tony, and I and that maybe someday I'll get to watch them dance to it with their daddy!

That's it for me! Anybody have songs that are especially meaningful to them? I would love to hear about them.


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