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Well, guess what!

I really haven't blogged (or spoke openly) about being pregnant yet.  We haven't told everyone yet - just our closest friends and family members - and we're waiting for the uncertainty the first trimester brings to pass until we will speak more candidly about it.  Thankfully, not many of my everyday friends follow my blog so I've decided to write my first pregnancy blog entry.

We found out we were expecting late Tuesday night on July 5th.  We had just spent about five days in our hometown Memphis, Tennessee with friends and family members and I had a feeling that something out of the ordinary was going on with my body.  Thankfully I had a pregnancy test at home so I asked Tony if I should take it.  He told me that if it would give me some peace of mind that I should take it.  So I ventured in there, took the test, and waited for the outcome.  About 30 seconds later I glanced down to see two VERY dark, distinct lines, much to my surprise!!! I immediately started shoutin…

New Day!

Feeling fresh from just leaving the shower being back in the United States after our trip to Mexico, I am sitting at the computer desk with nothing but the shiny sun beaming into the room.  I really feel like today is a new day! I'm not sure what this new sense of being refreshed really that means yet, but I am sure it'll hit me later.

Tony and I are heading to church in a bit - the first mass we'll spend together since our wedding in May.  It is much needed and I am looking forward to it VERY much.  Afterwards we're going out to eat to one of our favorite restaurants and then watching a movie at the cheap theater.  This is easily my ideal date combination. 

I haven't written in a while and I hope to get back into it now that the summer semester is winding down.  I didn't plan on going back to school in the fall but it is looking like that is exactly what I'll need to do.  But it's so easy for me to get stuck on my plans and forget that God is the one w…