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Exactly FOUR years ago today, Tony & I were wrapping up the B-E-S-T week of my life from our honeymoon at Walt Disney World! The entire week was just perfect! Everything was filled with so much magic from start to finish and the closeness I felt to Tony in our perfect little honeymoon cocoon was something I never wanted to leave. We were lounging by the pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge and literally soaking in the last of the gorgeous Florida sun and beautiful weather. I don't think I will ever get sick of that sight.

It was such a great way to finish up such a fun and fast-paced honeymoon by just slowing it down and relaxing until it was time to leave. I wish after our busy week at Disney that we could have stayed an entire second week JUST at the resort to unwind and relax... but a few hours on our last day would just have to do!

Later that evening we were on a plane from Orlando, Florida to Chicago. It was an evening flight and when we were just beginning to leave Orlando we …

Four Years of Marriage

It really, really doesn't seem like all that long since our wedding day. Even more unbelievable is all that has happened in our lives since then! It's funny to think that our life would slow down after I finished college and wedding planning was over. Jokes on me! Life has been in overdrive since then and we've changed so so many things. Last names, addresses, states, jobs, family size, cars, and went from rent to a mortgage. Here's a quick glimpse of the last year of our marriage....

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Molly: 10 Months.

60 days until I have a ONE year old. I don't understand how that is possible. Time seems to fly by in the oddest fashion ever since Molly came along - I've never felt more of the saying "the days are long but the years are short" because DARN it's true. I say it a lot because I feel it a lot!

Things here are much of the same. Sleep, wake, eat, diapers, fun, naps, passing the time, repeat! It seems like all day I can't wait until Tony gets home and all week I can't wait until Tony is off work for a few days. I'm doing better in regards to how many hours he works but I still don't like it.

Mol is a crawling machine. She loves exploring the house and if she knows you are coming to stop her from shoving something from the floor into her mouth she will start crawling even faster! It's hilarious.

She's loving any and all table food that she can feed herself and hell, I am loving that too! I can't say that she has any huge favorites yet beca…