Well, guess what!

I really haven't blogged (or spoke openly) about being pregnant yet.  We haven't told everyone yet - just our closest friends and family members - and we're waiting for the uncertainty the first trimester brings to pass until we will speak more candidly about it.  Thankfully, not many of my everyday friends follow my blog so I've decided to write my first pregnancy blog entry.

We found out we were expecting late Tuesday night on July 5th.  We had just spent about five days in our hometown Memphis, Tennessee with friends and family members and I had a feeling that something out of the ordinary was going on with my body.  Thankfully I had a pregnancy test at home so I asked Tony if I should take it.  He told me that if it would give me some peace of mind that I should take it.  So I ventured in there, took the test, and waited for the outcome.  About 30 seconds later I glanced down to see two VERY dark, distinct lines, much to my surprise!!! I immediately started shouting, "Oh my God! Oh my God! TONY!" over and over again until he came into the bathroom.  (That's usually what I say when there is a spider or bug in the apartment so he was reluctantly coming in to kill what he thought was going to be a huge spider!)  Much to HIS shock, I showed him the positive pregnancy test.

 Our big, fat positive!!!

So ever since then I've been trying to grapple with exactly what that means for us.  Even though we both like kids and wanted them for ourselves, it just happened so quick!  We weren't trying to get pregnant by any means, but I guess we weren't really being as careful as we should have been either. 

So anyways, I suppose that's enough information for the first pregnancy blog.  My first appointment is Monday, so definitely more to come soon!


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