First Appointment... kinda!

So yesterday was my first taste of the pregnancy appointments!  I met with my Dr.'s nurse and we talked all about the family history junk.  She gave me a folder of their practice information as well as a new month by month pregnancy book put out by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists... as if I didn't already have enough pregnancy books!

Yes, sadly, I am that person who over-prepares, or really in this case, the person who overly anticipated.  For the past couple years I've found a couple of nice used book stores I like to raid and over time I accumulated many books on marriage, weddings, pregnancy, and motherhood.  My pregnancy book list includes: What to Expect When You're Expecting (duh), What to Eat when You're Expecting, The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, Your Prengnancy Week by Week (written by an OBGYN), & Your Pregnancy Questions & Answers.  Pretty excessive, right?  Back in those days I also bought Tony the Expectant Father book.

So, back to the appointment, I answered a bunch of questions and then the nurse tried to find the heartbeat.  Unfortunately, she couldn't detect it so that we could listen to it.  I am only 10 weeks along, so she said this wasn't out of the ordinary or anything to worry over.  But I was definitely so bummed... I just kept thinking in my head, "Okay little one, please stop being so shy and let us hear you!"  But, no luck.  So after that swing and a miss I went upstairs to do some lab work for them and that was essentially it.  I have my yearly pap at the same office with my doctor next week and my nurse said they'd try again then to hear the heartbeat!  I actually have appointments there for three weeks in a row - first the family history appointment, next the pap, and finally I get to meet with my OBGYN for pregnancy stuff!  I'll be 12 weeks by the third appointment, so this baby better make it's vocal debut, especially since Tony will be there too!

On other pregnancy news, I am definitely starting to show.  It's nothing much and is pretty easily masked with clothes, but it's hard to deny if you saw me without clothes.

Here's a picture of Tony & I from our family trip to Mexico about a week and a half ago.  I just look (and felt) bloated.  I just can't believe there are such big changes so soon.  And what really sucks is I have completely stopped working out or going to the gym at all because I usually feel too hot or too sick to do anything.  It definitely doesn't help that the A/C in my car doesn't work.  I hope I am not one of those pregnant ladies who feels sick the entire time because so far, that's what it feels like.  I'm really SO lucky that Tony is such a supportive and caring guy because he truly puts up with a lot from me... already!

Here's another picture of us in Mexico with my sisters & their significant others.  We definitely spent most of our time with them because it seemed like we all wanted to do the same stuff or at least went along with what the majority of us wanted to do.  It was a great time but it definitely made me feel so appreciative of living in the United States.  I never would have guessed I'd feel like that afterwards but I honestly think being pregnant & feeling uncomfortable while traveling really impacted me.  There are so many beautiful places in our country I'd like to visit before leaving again.

Well, I think that's about it for this post.  I can't wait until we share the news with everyone!!!  Just a few more weeks. 

Happy Tuesday!


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