First Trimester Blues...

So, I am not a fan of the first trimester.  Or, at least my first trimester experience.  The first pregnancy "sign" I had was that my boobs got very sore.  On a trip to Memphis to visit friends, I was swimming and you know when you dive into the pool your top (and bottom sometimes!) slide down and you have to quickly pull them up?  Well, I did that - a lot - that day and thought nothing of it.  We all went for a night swim later in the day and the pain from my boobs was UNBEARABLE; it felt like they were on fire!  On top of that, my poor boobs had been feeling kinda achy for about a week solid.  During the same trip to Memphis in which I was still oblivious to being pregnant, I had a couple drinks just a few days before finding out I was pregnant.  I still guilt myself over this one and think about the implications often.  Anyways, I was drinking and really wasn't feeling a "buzz" more than I was feeling like the alcohol just really wasn't settling well.  So I stopped drinking alcohol and started drinking water -- thankfully -- because I just really felt dehydrated.

As soon as we got home from Memphis, I took a test just to be sure and if you read my blog about that - I was definitely shocked!  Since that point, I have been constantly feeling nauseous and having food aversions all the time.  I've had the occasional "craving" (tuna salad sandwich from Hungry Hobo, Chinese from my favorite local place: Ming Wah, all kinds of junk food...) but really, thus far, I've just felt like laying down until I feel better or flat out sleeping the day away.  I am just praying I won't be one of those pregnant ladies who feel sick the entire time and I'm definitely looking forward to starting my second trimester very soon.  And in just about three weeks we get to see our baby again with a free ultrasound at a women's clinic!  Second trimester is looking optimistic... really, only because the first trimester has pretty much sucked royally the entire time!

So, I shared my very first pregnancy symptom... what was yours?

That's all for today --


  1. It's so bizarre the things you end up craving isn't it! Thanks so much for linking up at the Friday Baby Shower Alice xxx


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