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Currently {link up} x15

Currently linking up with Harvesting Kale for the fun weekly post to see how we're all doing.
This week's prompts are {facing, snapping, counting, loving & hopping}
FACING:  Today - and this entire week - has been centered around me facing the fact that not everything is going to go the way I expected.  People are not always going to be considerate.  Things will not always go our way or in our favor.  And the only thing I can control in those situations is MYSELF and my attitude.

SNAPPING: Oh, am I snapping today.  All along the home buying process we have had it set up to close one day and then gain possession two days later.  All along I thought that we were signing on the 28th but the house wouldn't technically be ours until the 30th.  It wasn't until our insurance agent told us today that wasn't the case - that we would need to start insuring the house on the 28th because it is ours the 28th!  ALSO MEANING, if anyone injures themselves while moving out before …

25 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby two}

How far along?:  25 weeks along in my second pregnancy!  Which means about 15 weeks to go!
I'm feeling:  Lazy.  It's a lot easier to become complacent with lazy behavior when you're pregnant.  Sad but true.  I am just tired most of the time and then when I can sleep, I am too uncomfortable to get the best kind of sleep.  How long after the baby comes that we all start sleeping again?
Size of baby:  About the size of an eggplant - 9 inches long and weighs about 1.7 pounds!
Movement:  Definitely has been a mover/kicker here lately... mostly feel it on my right side.  Molly was a kicking machine while Presley was sitting on my lap earlier this week and it just made my day.  Presley on the other hand was supremely unphased.
What I miss most:  Not feeling huge.  For example, I'm starting to miss comfortably bending over to pick something up.
Cravings:  Doughnuts.
Best moment of the week:  Tonight we went to the buffet inside Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, MS.  A-mazing!  Not a huge …

Happies & Crappies.

It's been a while since I've participated in this link-up
It's always a fun one and good for emptying the brain!
We are closing on our home THISWEEK!  Which means HOPEFULLY moving in THIS WEEKEND!We are finally getting caught up on movies... slowly!  We have American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club, Frozen, About Time, Rush, Prisoners, Runner Runner, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, and Hours up on deck for the next few movies to watch. May seem silly, but I am so excited for Presley to have some of her favorite toys back.  She has done SUCH a great job with our current living situation & has been LOVING on the toys she does have for now... but I will be happy for her once we get everything set up for her soon in the new house!!!Another one that might sound silly - but I am so ready to start eating out less & making meals at home again!  I'm excited to meal plan on a regular basis and also prepare meals in advance for easy freezer "dump" meals!Also, hopi…

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind (Part Seven)

It has been a long while since the last time I answered any questions from the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind. And I'm very excited to pick up right where I left off!
(part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six)
31. At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?
I remember feeling so alive on our wedding day.  Yes, it was all going by so fast and now seems like such a blur - but it was such an amazing day.  I know it sounds silly, but when I was working at the zoo I always felt passionate about what I was doing and very excited to be there.  It had been over a year since I had worked outside the home - so I know that entering back into the work force (though it was brief) was really great for me.

32. If not now, then when?
I guess we are in such a current state of limbo at the moment that I just feel like life is paused, despite our constant going on living.  I just keep thinking, "Oh, things will be different once we get ba…

Pregnancy #2 Q & A

You may recall from my first pregnancy (if you followed along back then) that I filled this sucker out about halfway through my pregnancy with Presley!  I came across it yesterday and thought about filling it out this time around and figured why the heck not.  I think I will leave my answers from last time just to (potentially)  laugh at myself and see how my answers differ this time around.
Pregnancy #1 Answers in pink
Pregnancy #2 Answers in purple

Your name?
Ali Duggan

Baby's fathers name?
Tony Duggan

Are you still with him?
Most definitely; married to him so he is stuck with me!
Going on 3 wonderful years of marriage!

Were you trying to get pregnant?
Nope.  I was actually informed in January that I had PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and because of it I rarely ovulated.  My Dr. also told me that when we wanted to start having kids that I'd most likely want to look into fertility drugs.
Yes!  This time around it took about 5 months of trying.

When did you find out?
July 5th (2…

24 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby 2}

How far along?:  I'm 24 weeks along in my second pregnancy - which means 16 weeks or less until GO time!

I'm feeling:  The effects of pregnancy.  My belly is just starting to get in the way more and more - putting on my socks, bending down, being intimate with my husband (don't act like you didn't know we were intimate... HELLO, I'M PREGNANT!), and things of that nature have become a little bit more difficult.  It's also hitting me more and more each day that I will be unpacking our whole house while pregnant during the end of my 2nd trimester and beginning of my 3rd!

Movement:  No news on the movement front... she still kicks me most when I'm lying flat - in the wee hours of the morning or just before falling asleep each night.  She kicks in the afternoons when Presley is napping and evenings after Presley goes to bed.  So basically, anytime I am relaxing.  And usual, when Tony puts his hand on my belly, she clams right up. 

Size of baby:  This week, Miss Mo…

Currently {link up} x14

Joining Ot & Et and Harvesting Kale for another week of what we're Currently up to!
The prompts this week are {battling, surfing, jumping, taking, making}

BATTLING:  So, we hit another substantial hitch when it comes to home buying and I am TRYING desperately to maintain the "glass half full" perspective of it all.  I really am trying.  For someone who is not always trying to find the bright side... it's a struggle.  So much of a struggle that if things don't improve by Friday, we will be walking away from this home.  And starting all over.  From scratch.  That will be such a defeating feeling.  Not to mention we will now be out of a small amount of money to do that.  Could be a lot worse but I just hope hope hope we are meant to be in this house and that it doesn't come to that.

Well, I wrote this post earlier today, without finishing publishing it... and thankfully since then we can now breathe a HUGE sigh of relief!!!  Things are looking UP with the ho…

Currently {link up} x13

Joining Harvesting Kale for another week of Currently! The prompts I'm using this week: {hoping, wondering, wearing, watching & waiting}

Today, right now, and for the next 11 days... I will be HOPING that everything continues to go smoothly with the home we are pursuing.  As most of you homeowners know, buying a home is such a process - there are so many steps you need to take before you can even reach the next hurdle.  Just when you think you've reached some real success you begin to realize it's really not over until the fat lady sings!  There are some potential problems that aren't an issue yet (and I hope they won't materialize!!!) but I can't help but prepare myself for all worse-case scenarios!  14 days until closing & I pray that timeline is still going to work!!!!

Also WONDERING when I will be tired of watching the new Hunger Games movie Catching Fire.  I watch it pretty much every day during Presley's nap time and any other evening after her…

23 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby two!} & baby's name!

How far along?:  23 weeks along in my second pregnancy!  And I'm so excited to have made it this far in good health with no detectable complications.

I'm feeling:  very excited about Tony & I choosing our little girl's name!  We've had her name in mind and have been tossing it over in our minds and between each other for the last several weeks, but finally we've both agreed that MissMolly Lou Dugganwill be joining our family this summer!!!  It is a family name - the name of Tony's Great Great Grandmother - Molly Lou Duggan Ward.  We had been considering Molly for some time and it wasn't until Granny (Tony's paternal grandmother, Alma Lou) said the following that I really started campaigning this for her name:

"...that makes me so excited that you would even consider it. She was my Grandmother and Duggan was her maiden name. She was one of the most beloved people you would ever hope to meet or know. She left quite a legacy in the Duggan-Ward …

Wordless Wednesday.


Bloggers I LOVE!

Natalie over at The Iverson's wrote about some of the blogs she's been keeping up with lately and I wanted to share with her a few of the blogs I read frequently right now.  But then I figured I would just write about it and share it with everybody who might be looking for new blogs to read so here you go!  Check them out and let me know what you think!  Also, I'd love to read about some of your favorite bloggers - if you'd like to participate then feel free to link up below and share the love!!!


AJ Wolfe at the disney food blog | food IS a theme park - this is pretty self explanatory as to why I follow this one... I AM A HUGE DISNEY ADDICT.  One of my favorite things about our honeymoon was the AMAZING restaurants we sampled in a weeks time and the delicious food we tasted.  Reading about it through someone else's experience just makes it all that much more real and vivid for me.  Not to mention, prepa…

Five on Friday! {LINK UP!}

Linking up with Christina at Carolina Charm for her Five on Friday for the first time!


Catching Fire is finally out on DVD!  Already picked up my copy from Redbox and can't wait to watch it!!!  Normally I would wait until I had a free rental code - but this just couldn't wait.  Any other Hunger Games fanatics out there?!  


Why is it that doctor's offices are among the most healing of places coupled with the most frustrating depending on the day/person/moment/mood/ego...?  ARGH.  For those who didn't read about my issue via Facebook - here is a quick summation of what is going on: 

me: "Could you explain why my medical records have not been faxed from your office yet considering I faxed my release form first thing Monday morning?"
"We only fax medical records on Fridays."
me: "Well, it's still Friday!"
"Your doctors nurse isn't in today so she will get to it Monday and they will fax it next Friday. Okay?"
me: "Bu…

Pregnancy Number Two.

Milestone moment for pregnancy #2:  Last night (March 5th, 2014), Tony felt our 2nd baby girl kick for the first time!  Just so happened to take place directly AFTER we finished our conversation about name choices... coincidence?!  I THINK NOT.  I think that #1 she loves her daddy's voice and #2 she likes the name we have tentatively agreed on!  (I say tentatively because we haven't chosen her name yet.  It's just the top name that we are liking but aren't 100% on it.)  It was a really sweet moment, though, and to see Tony's face light up when he for SURE felt her kick was awesome!!!!  It's really incredible how much more prepared I feel we are this time around or at least that we know what to expect.

It's definitely a new experience for me to not have a name for my baby by now... which may seem silly to other folks considering I am barely halfway through this pregnancy.  I know I've been talking about it so much lately... I am usually not so "type…

22 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby 2!}

How far along?:  22 weeks along in my second pregnancy... which means 18 weeks until we meet our baby girl!  I cannot wait to see her features... who will she look like?  What will labor be like this time around?  How big will she be?  What color hair/eyes will she have?  Now that it's not just me and Tony - but Presley as well - it is so exciting to wonder who she will look most like.  And perhaps she will look completely unique! 

I'm feeling:  A bit self conscious about how big I look for only being about halfway through.  I know I'm pregnant, I know it's normal to show quicker your 2nd time around, and I know it's healthy to gain weight.  I know, I know, I know.  Since I didn't get down to a weight I would have preferred before getting pregnant this time around, I am a little unhappy when I hop on the scale.  I think the true unhappiness stems from the fact that I am not very active (at all).  Otherwise, I'm feeling good.  Haven't felt overly tired an…

The Oscars (& real life)!

Tony & I are big fans of award shows - especially when it comes to movies.  We have been movie watchers forever and seeing movies together was a huge part of the beginning of our friendship and relationship.  I wish we had saved every ticket stub over the years from the movies we saw together... there would be a literal ton, I'm sure.  Anyways, needless to say, it has become less and less of a staple for us over the more recent years.  We have moved from the theaters to watching movies at home and even then, we rarely get around to watching movies anymore!  (Too busy making babies!!!  Just kidding, family... usually just too tired!)  Probably like so many of you did last night, we made a list of movies to see together.  Most movies on the list were nominees from this year, but a couple slipped onto the list when they showed the compilations of previous nominees, too!

Philedelphia(Tony has never seen it!!!!)AliBraveheart (again... Tony has never seen this!!! Ahhh!!)ArgoZero Dar…

Behind the Scenes.

As excited as I am to have moved from the Quad Cities back to Memphis, there are some real bitter parts to that sweetness.  One thing, leaving friends and family behind.  That's never fun.  I hate missing out on my friends & family members' happenings and though I didn't make as much effort as I should have to be a part of their lives regularly, I always knew the distance between us was measured in minutes and single digit miles.  Another thing I've been missing a lot lately is work.  I had this amazing opportunity to work at a zoo for a few months and it was even better than it sounds.  I loved the people who visited the zoo, the folks I worked with on a daily basis, and of course the animals.  Overall, the experience was just fantastic and I was genuinely happy to go in to work and be there everyday.  I didn't have a position that would have worked long term for our family, so I know I wouldn't have been there forever, but I sure do miss it now and I'…