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This week's prompts are {facing, snapping, counting, loving & hopping}

FACING:  Today - and this entire week - has been centered around me facing the fact that not everything is going to go the way I expected.  People are not always going to be considerate.  Things will not always go our way or in our favor.  And the only thing I can control in those situations is MYSELF and my attitude.

SNAPPING: Oh, am I snapping today.  All along the home buying process we have had it set up to close one day and then gain possession two days later.  All along I thought that we were signing on the 28th but the house wouldn't technically be ours until the 30th.  It wasn't until our insurance agent told us today that wasn't the case - that we would need to start insuring the house on the 28th because it is ours the 28th!  ALSO MEANING, if anyone injures themselves while moving out before we gain possession, it could come back on us.  W-T-F!  I was NOT happy about this and if I would have been under full understanding of this then I would have insisted that we gain possession the day we sign.  My realtor explained that if anything went wrong with the signing that the sellers would be screwed because they would have the stuff out of the house and nowhere to go with it, essentially.  WELL, even if something went wrong, THESE PEOPLE ARE PLANNING TO SELL THIS HOUSE ANYWAY!  Plus - my realtor is working with the BUYERS NOT THE SELLERS.  I love my realtor, I really do, but today... I just was so upset at learning this.  I wish I was made aware of this sooner and the implications here.  Doesn't help that the fine people at First Tennessee were lazy and uncourteous (is that a word? is now...) today.  SO, I was snapping today.  Of course it was more like venting than actually voicing my disappointment with the actual people today.  TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY AND A FINE DAY IT WILL BE.

COUNTING: Down the days.  Well at this point, I guess I could just start counting down the hours.  TOMORROW is signing day!  And Sunday (if all goes well) is moving day.  So that means 68 hours, 56 minutes until we move in! But unfortunately it COULD be that we won't be able to move in until Monday.  And I need to brace myself for that.  But I will be so bummed.

LOVING:  That this is allllll almost over.  In a few days, we won't have to worry about paperwork and bullshit - we will just get to BE!  And I love that.  I am also LOOOOVING the new Disney movie - Frozen.  So in love with that movie.  It's adorable.  But is it just me or does it feel super short?  Also, loving the theory that Tangled, Little Mermaid & Frozen are all connected.  YES YES YESSS.

HOPPING: I swear, as odd of a prompt as this one is, I feel like it is the theme of our week.  We are currently hopping through the many hoops to owning a home.  Stupid little thing that irks me at the moment?  Wiring money.  I've never done it before and it honestly pisses me off that we are having to pay a bullshit $15 fee JUST FOR SPENDING OUR MONEY, essentially.  Why can't I write a damn check or better yet, BRING YOU CASH to closing?  I know, I know... really, it's only $15... but when you consider it is an UNNECESSARY charge that you are getting nothing from... just irritates me.  Call me irrational or hormonal, but I am not one to just pay fees and not ask questions as to why it's necessary.

AND, since I did my fair share of complaining here today... I will not forsake you and leave you on a bad note!  Here are a bunch of reasons why I am currently one happy person:


  1. Congrats on the new home Ali! Yes, buying a home is really stressful ( that's why we don't intend to buy another one!). Mortgages suck but owning your home rocks!


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