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The prompts this week are {reading, watching, listening, eating, enjoying}

So for the last several weeks I've been rereading the Twilight books. I am a serial reader... I read the same books over and over and over and I love it. I get something different out of each time I read a book because usually my life is different than it was the last time I read it. Therefore I'm looking at the book through a whole different lens than any time before. Anyways, I flew through the first several books but for some odd reason I have been reading the last one sooo slow... mostly because I'm just so tired at night that I'll fall asleep sitting up reading! It's kinda killing me because I want to rewatch the movies so much but I'm waiting until I finish all the books. No plans on what to read next... suggestions are always welcome.

Presley keeps requesting we watch the Wizard of Oz over and over. She…

Molly: 11 months

Here we are! A short few weeks away from no longer having an infant in the house... BITTERSWEET!!!

Tooth count: Eight... four up and four down.

Favorites: She love love loves green beans right now. And pouches! (Baby food in the little squeeze pouches.) The way she downs those things you would assume we never feed her!!! And aside from baby food & table food it's still all breastmilk and water.

Mol Mol loves to wear hats! And she does really well at keeping bows on most of the time, too. Oh and she loves to see herself on my phone!!

Milestones & stuff: She is pulling/pushing herself up into an almost standing position lately. You can tell she really wants to walk but isn't quite ready yet.

She's also sitting up... but unconventionally. She sits in a "W" position... which we are trying to correct but it's really difficult when that's all she wants to do!

Molly falls over and bumps her head DAILY. I do not remember this happening so much with Presl…