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So for the last several weeks I've been rereading the Twilight books. I am a serial reader... I read the same books over and over and over and I love it. I get something different out of each time I read a book because usually my life is different than it was the last time I read it. Therefore I'm looking at the book through a whole different lens than any time before. Anyways, I flew through the first several books but for some odd reason I have been reading the last one sooo slow... mostly because I'm just so tired at night that I'll fall asleep sitting up reading! It's kinda killing me because I want to rewatch the movies so much but I'm waiting until I finish all the books. No plans on what to read next... suggestions are always welcome.

Presley keeps requesting we watch the Wizard of Oz over and over. She's been interested in tornadoes for quite some time (thank you Marco Polo Weather app) and ever since we watched the movie, she is extremely enamored. We watched videos online of real tornadoes and even a firenado (her favorite)!

Ever since going to the DMB concert last month, I've had Dave on repeat. Just can't get enough of his voice... it's seriously like butter. Plus they have put out SO much music that I don't ever get sick of the same few songs. So, yeah, I'll be listening to them until the next time we see them in concert.

And lately we've been having much too much food out. Especially Chipotle. Oh my yum. That place is so delicious and fresh and five minutes from our house. Five Guys is another of our favorites and that is one of the best burgers I've ever had. Hopefully we'll start eating better and more at home but I've just been so zapped for energy lately! I swear. I don't know what it is. Plus it's hard for me to do very much cooking until he gets home... which is late... so we just eat out most of the time...

The couple weeks of May and first week or so in June are so exiciting and fun that it is ALMOST too much celebrating. Almost. May 20th is our anniversary, May 29 is my brother-in-law's birthday, May 31 is my mother-in-law's birthday, June 3 is Tony's birthday, and June 7th is one of our best friend's birthday as well as my dad's birthday. Not to mention we've got Father's Day coming up, too! So I've really been enjoying all the extra time with family & friends lately.

In other news...

We've just checked out Whole Foods for the first time and while it was a little bit intimidating at first - I am in love with that place! We went back today for some fresh beignets - which was another first for us - and a nice little brunch spread of chicken salad & fresh croissants, mozzarella pasta salad, & some cheddar chive biscuits. Yum yum yum! That place is full of positive vibes and genuinely nice people that it is easy to get sucked into it all.

Quite a bit more powdered sugar than expected... but delicious.

Sorry Mol... no beignets for you!

Afterwards Presley asked to do something fun instead of going home so we headed to the Memphis Zoo which was hotter than you wouldn't believe! (Of course, because we went at the hottest time of the day.) Every time we go to the zoo Presley asks to go swimming in the water/pool area and it's never happened yet for her so today I surprised her with a "YES!" and she was ecstatic! Not only that, but I rolled up my pants and joined her and we both had so much fun. Getting in the cold water was an instant mood lifter. Tony held Molly in the shallow water and they were both laughing and smiling with us, too.

Perfect Sunday morning & afternoon. Not looking forward to the next few days without Tony while he's away on business... so looks like we will have to find something fun to keep us busy!


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