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Ten Things That Make You Happy {thursday thoughts}

We've all made lists like these before and often put things down like music, movies, family, friends... and we're absolutely right to do so but it can get a little vague. So this time, I'll try to be as specific as possible with this list of happy things.

10. Walking hand-in-hand with my husband. It's one of the very simple joys I take for granted so often, or rather, don't take advantage of enough. (Though, to be fair, we're usually holding little hands - or little bodies - instead these days.)

09. Loading/unloading the dishwasher. Which seems like an odd thing to put here but man, it feels good to have a clean and empty sink. It also feels great not having to hand wash all our dishes. It feels super duper great to have a beautiful dishwasher.

08. The HILARIOUS things that come out of my children's mouthes. We went to a local firework show a few nights ago and Presley (my four-year-old) tells me, "Wow! Looks like it's raining corn!" Same child,…

Baby 3.0: 23 Weeks + MINIVAN!

If Crosby shows up on the same timetable as his sisters, then we have about sixteen weeks to go in this pregnancy! That is a long... long... long time to go.

It's really not sinking in that this is more than likely my LAST pregnancy. Yes... I probably sound like I'm stuck on repeat since I said this with Molly, but now it's even more likely that this will be it. (And if you ask Tony then he say we are "99.9%" done having kids after this!) I think it will probably be a little bit more sad and will sink in a little more once Cros is here... it's easier for me to miss little babies than it is to miss pregnancy. Pregnancy isn't so glamorous! It's totally not bad, either, but it's definitely not the most comfortable I've ever been... that's for sure. But lets be real... it's such a relief when you're out of the sleepless newborn stage, too. The passage of time is so bittersweet!

It's a little bit insane that I was getting ready to …

Spare Thoughts.

It's insane the amount of scrutiny out there regarding the child that fell into the primate exhibit. I've read where people said the mother sounds way too calm. But can you imagine what they'd say if she sounded hysterical? "Well geez, that mom really should have kept it together - what a wreck! She should have put her child first and kept her emotions in check so as not to upset her 4-year-old or the gorilla." And of course people are quick to throw in their judgment on how she could ever allow her child to get in there in the first place. "What kind of mom would allow this to happen?" But unless you've constantly got your kids in a carrier, stroller, leash, or restraint of some kind, aren't you expecting a little bit too much of the mother and especially of the preschool aged child? Kids learn (at that age especially) through exploring their surroundings. And we all know accidents just happen... usually quicker than we have time to control. O…