Spare Thoughts.

It's insane the amount of scrutiny out there regarding the child that fell into the primate exhibit. I've read where people said the mother sounds way too calm. But can you imagine what they'd say if she sounded hysterical? "Well geez, that mom really should have kept it together - what a wreck! She should have put her child first and kept her emotions in check so as not to upset her 4-year-old or the gorilla." And of course people are quick to throw in their judgment on how she could ever allow her child to get in there in the first place. "What kind of mom would allow this to happen?" But unless you've constantly got your kids in a carrier, stroller, leash, or restraint of some kind, aren't you expecting a little bit too much of the mother and especially of the preschool aged child? Kids learn (at that age especially) through exploring their surroundings. And we all know accidents just happen... usually quicker than we have time to control. Oh, and can you imagine the comments this mother would have faced had she had her child on a leash? "How tacky and awful to put your human child in a restraint like that!" Parents are condemned for being too laid back and they're condemned for being too uptight. We label each other which alienates us further from others.

After encountering such harsh reactions to this situation has caused me to take a step back and wonder why we're all the way we are... WHY are we so quick to judge each other? And why are we so cutting with our words? Why can't we find ways to start a conversation with others without gossiping, judging, and vitriolic comments?

It's just hard spending time around negativity. It's draining. It doesn't propel things forward. It's not constructive. We're not perfect people but we've got to grow and try our best to encourage each other. Are we going to like and agree with everyone? Absolutely not. Are we all meant to be friends? Nope. But doesn't it feel so much better to lead with respect, compassion, and understanding in order to learn where people are coming from? The good stuff runs a whole lot deeper than all the junk, anyways.


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