Sixteen week Pregnancy Reflection

Hey guys!  I've been wanting to keep track of my pregnancy in a clearer way (more like a pregnancy journal with different prompts) so here we go!

How far along?: Today I am sixteen weeks & four days pregnant with what I am sure is a girl.  (But we don't find out for sure until October 3-- twenty more days!)

Size of the baby: The baby is the size of a TURNIP right now.

 About 5 inches & 5 ounces.

I am feeling: Lately, I have been feeling less pukey and found that I've had a little extra motivation and energy - but not much, and it truly depends on the day.  Today I feel completely wiped out, even after a two hour or so nap midday.  On top of that, my back is really sore.  I am sure it's from picking up the babies all day at work.  I'm also feeling so guilty because of the exhaustion; I feel like I don't contribute very much to our family right now and that truly is not a good feeling.  I want to do more but it seems like every time I try to do so, I end up getting tired and falling asleep.

Total weight +/-:  As of my last doctors visit (which was last week), I am +5 right now.  It's kinda cool to have started to gain the pregnancy weight (minus the stretch marks... yep... on my butt!) because like I said a few posts ago, I was losing weight because of the nausea & vomiting.  I am definitely, strictly, in maternity pants.  I can fit into some of my regular pants/jeans, but the elastic around the waist is way too uncomfortable and my jeans don't zip or button at all.  I still wear my regular t-shirts and shirts - or at least the ones that don't look stupid with the new bump.  And from this point on, it's recommended to gain about a pound a week - so that's what I'll be hoping for.

Movement:  I am PRETTY sure I felt the baby moving around Saturday night at 4:30 p.m. mass!  The music and singing had just started and as soon as I joined in the singing I felt a series of flutters (felt just like a butterfly) in my belly and of course, I am hoping it was the baby and not gas or anything.  That's all I've felt so far and I can't wait for the time when I distinctly and hands-down feel the baby move.  :)

What I miss most:  I miss being able to do what I want without having to think twice.  I miss Zumba class.  I miss being able to sleep comfortably and I miss not getting up to pee a million times.

What I'm excited about:  I'm excited to move next weekend and to start turning what has been "the guest bedroom" in our minds into the baby's nursery!  I'm excited to start registering with Tony and I'm getting so excited at the thought of the family/friends shower up here that my family has been talking about having at Christmastime!  (What a beautiful time of year!!!)  I'm excited about so much these days -- ESPECIALLY excited to get another glimpse of our sweet baby in a few weeks and to find out what we are having!

Cravings:  Well, definitely craved the taco potato from Hungry Hobo today because it's taco Tuesday (they're only $2.99 on Tuesday) so we had those for dinner.  I'm excited to make those again at home once it starts getting cooler out.  (I'll have to share the recipe I use once I decide to make it!)  I've also been craving the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks but thankfully it hasn't been cool enough for them lately... I'm trying so hard not to give in!  Beyond that, I can't really think of any other cravings I've been having.  I'll keep you posted, though.

Beyond that...
  • I went to the gym for a quick workout for the first time in months last night.  It went okay but my body didn't really enjoy it too much.  I wasn't in pain, just definitely going to have to introduce my body back into working out.  
  • I babysit two of my favorite kiddos this weekend and I am really excited about it.  It seems like I haven't babysat anybody in while.  (Which was nice because while I was feeling so crummy at first it was really hard to take care of little ones and give them my full attention when all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch!)
  • I've started to eat more fruits in the morning and it feels really good doing that so I hope I can keep it up.
  • I've been thinking about talking to Tony and bringing back Friday Date Night In!  We used to do this and each of us would exchange turns "hosting" the date nights and it was so much fun being creative and doing sweet things for each other.  I would definitely love to start after we move.
  • Just found out that now Nordstroms ships free all the time.  And, I just discovered the adorable baby Tom's.  So, I am going to order some of those after we find out the sex!
Hopefully next time I'll have something more interesting to write about!  :)


  1. 1. Please share the taco potato recipe, sounds like something I'd LOVE.
    2. I totally feel you on the weight loss: I threw up 90% of the time, which totals to just about everyday when I was pregnant with Caleb. I even through up about 30 minutes before I went down to the delivery room. I was pretty happy that almost instantaneously, the nausea and vomiting went away after he was born.
    3. Please do the date nights--you will so enjoy the time you'll have with one another, with just the two of you, while you don't have to pay someone to watch your baby for a date! But then, when that time comes, PAYS SOMEONE TO WATCH YOUR KID WHILE YOU DATE! It is SO worth it! :)
    4. I am SO stinkin' excited to follow your blog and pregnancy! Please keep posting you "reflections"! :)

  2. I miss zumba class too!!! I am so happy for you guys!!! I can't wait to find out what you are having!!! If you ever need anything you know i am here, iv never been pregnant so i can't really compare, but i just want you to know that if you ever need anything i am here gall!

  3. Isn't feeling movements the best feeling? I've been feeling movements off and on, and I always feel them at the oddest times, like today at church when receiving communion, the closer I got to the altar the more movements I felt! It's the neatest feeling.

    I hear you on waking up in the middle of the night about 2-3 times, it's so annoying!

    P.S. Love pumpkin spice lattes too! I had to have one from Panera Bread, and it was so yummy!


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