Hello anyone who will listen. :)

Things I've learned so far this week....

  • Much to my dismay and despite what I believed prior to this week, pregnancy really isn't glamorous.  My body is really... responding? on the outside... to all the changes that are happening inside -- and it's just not always pretty.  (And that's all I will say about that!)
  • Even though my nausea is still present, it HAS lessened; something I need to keep reminding myself so I can be thankful for that.  And even though nausea is still around, my appetite has really picked up.  Tony came home today and saw what I had eaten so far in the day and he said, "Well, somebody was hungry!" :)  I think he was mostly happy because there are some days he comes home from work and I will have only eaten a few bites of something all day (and that stuff worries him).
  • Craving all things caramel this week; soft caramel chews, Werther's candies, caramel apple cider, and Snickers ice cream bars!
  • I've been SO freaking addicted to the Twilight Saga since the new trailer came out.  (Here's the link in case you care to indulge yourself.)  I've been non-stop listening to the three soundtracks and watching all three movies-- one after the next.  Too bad I've already packed away the books or else I'd start re-reading those.  Breaking Dawn part one comes out 8 days after my birthday and I honestly can't wait to see it.  Only about 60 more days!!!
  • Moving is not easy.  This is NOT a new observation.  I don't know how we'll be ready to start moving by Friday.  That means we've got TWO DAYS to get crap out of the way so we can get all the big, heavy things out on Friday while we have the help to do so.  (So so SO very thankful to my Uncle for always offering all he has to help us out!)  We just took an overwhelming amount of things to Goodwill today and as great as it felt to get rid of so much, it also makes my heart pretty heavy.
  • I've got the first wave of our thank you letters out and it feels really great.  I gave Tony a chunk of them to do and sadly, he hasn't done so well.  I may have to do them for him.  After all, I do work a LOT less hours than he does.  I guess I was just trying to be diplomatic.
  • I realize that both Tony and I are BEYOND obsessed with TV.  That is most obvious the week all the shows start back.  It's pretty bad trying to follow all these different shows and sitting on the couch all evening.  (Especially when you are supposed to be packing!)
Alrighty, I've gotta go get some sleep for work in the morning.  I'm sure I could write random thoughts until we all fall asleep, but I will resist!  :)


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