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Isn't it funny how life changes in a short amount of time?

That is the bench outside of our church.  We took a family picture out front on St. Patrick's Day near the bench and I remembered the picture from our wedding day and decided to stop and take a picture with Presley on the bench!  So much has changed in 10 months and if you would have told me on my wedding day that Tony & I would have a baby 9 months from then, I would have laughed in your face!  (And would have been more careful on our honeymoon!!!!!)  But, everything happens for a reason and now we have Miss Presley! 

I often think about what life would be like right now if we hadn't conceived right away.  I wonder when and if we would have made the decision to have kids; would we be wanting them by now? Would we even be thinking of it?  I also feel like it all happened SO fast and it would have been so nice to breathe and have some time together just the two of us post-wedding... but that's life for you. 

My top 13 Mommy must-have's!

01.  Lansinoh Breast Pads! (Or, really any breast pad that you like!)

I've tried the Avent breast pads and as much as I like Avent, Lansinoh definitely makes a superior breast pad.  They are comfortable and are a bigger size than Avent with two adhesive strips (Avent only has one).  Breast pads are a must for me because I would hate to have a leak or mess anytime of day.  I've also tried washable/reusable breast pads and I didn't care for them at all.  So I highly recommend Lansinoh!

02.  Avent Pacifiers!

We use the classic pacifiers in addition to her soothie pacifier that they gave us from the hospital.  She uses her soothie at night and the classic paci's in the daytime as needed.  I really thought that we wouldn't introduce her to pacifiers but they have really helped us at bedtime or naps during the day when she is overtired and upset and having a hard time relaxing.  As of now, I don't really foresee her being one of those kids who NEEDS one though because…

Happy 5 week birthday, Princess Presley!

So, I just wrote a big blog about all the changes Presley's made in the last few weeks, but of course, the internet crapped out and I lost the entire thing.  How frustrating!  Not to mention, I've been working on it on and off ALL day and was finally getting it finished.  *sigh*

Anyways, we've got a 5 week old now, and that is crazy/awesome/unbelievable.  What is wonderful is that she has "slept through the night" - or at least for a little one - the past two nights!  It really gives me hope and we end up having much better days after such easy nights.  We're still breastfeeding exclusively and while we've definitely fallen into an easy routine there, it is still very tiring/taxing having someone attached to you so much.  It's a lot of work but it is worth it for all the benefits she and I are receiving by breastfeeding.  I'm so tempted to switch to formula for the convenience factor, but I'm sticking with it.  I met the 4 week goal for breast…

Presley's Birthday Story!

So, the more time that passes between now and the day we met Presley, the more I forget about the details!  It makes me so sad as well as angry with myself for not making time to type out all the happenings from those few days!  But I plan to try my best to remember all the important (and less important) details from that weekend... so here we go...

It all started on a Saturday morning.  It was February 18th around 4 AM and Tony was getting up and leaving for work that morning (he had to be there at 5AM).  I got up to use the restroom and tried going back to bed but around 4:30 AM I started to feel very uncomfortable, almost like Presley was moving around really oddly inside of me.  I started to realize that the uncomfortable feeling would come and go pretty regularly so that's when I enlisted the help of a trusty iPod app to help me time what I was assuming were contractions.  Sure enough, the pain was coming in about every five minutes and lasting for a minute.  At this point I …

Three and a half weeks stronger!

So, this won't be much of a post, but I just wanted to write quickly that things are going well these days!

I think it helps tremendously that we are really getting a nightly routine together and Presley is starting to become a wonderful nighttime sleeper!!!  (I am SO proud of her!)  We are still laying down around 10pm -- some nights she doesn't get to sleep until 11pm but other nights she will drift right off!  She's sleeping about 3-4 hours between feedings and we'll usually get up for the day between 10am-noon.  I've been swaddling her the past couple of nights and she almost always uses her pacifier.  She's still in her bassinet in our room at the foot of our bed.  Thankfully, Tony is a very sound sleeper and he can sleep through our mid-night feedings, getting up for diaper changes, and even through her cries!  He's working about 11 hours each day and a few hours on Saturdays... this is fabulous for our bank account but I miss him so much throughout e…


Honestly, I don't feel like writing here lately.  I think it's because motherhood has definitely taken it's toll on me!  It's so much tougher than anyone ever let on or described to me.  And honestly, if they had tried to tell me what it was really like, I'm not sure I would have really understood it anyway because it's just something you have to go through to really get it.  As I sit here writing, my house is quiet... so quiet you'd think I was the only one home.  Nope!  Currently, my sweet daughter and husband are taking an afternoon nap.  While a HUGE part of me is jealous of their ability to sleep no matter what the time of day, another part of me is soaking in this alone time.  I've always been the kind of person that needs time to myself so I honestly think I'd rather stay awake (and be a zombie) to have some peace and quiet to myself.  Everyone has been harping on me to sleep when she sleeps, and I do try that, but I can't seem to sleep e…

Happy 2 week birthday!

So, being a parent is ALL consuming.  It has changed my likes, dislikes, interests, etc.  It's hard for me to want to spend any time blogging rather than doing anything else.  I just thought I would update this with a few pictures of Presley since I know my sweet Gramma receives my blogs and I'd like to show her off!  I cannot believe it's already been two weeks since she's been in our lives.  It's been a really tough road getting adjusted and not getting much sleep, but day by day it really is getting easier and better.  Here are some pictures of Miss Presley Rose to enjoy :)

Alright, I am so sorry for the lack of updates, but I really haven't felt like updating this very much lately.  Hopefully that will change because I'd like to write down her birth story!  Maybe one of these days here soon when my hormones slow down and my anxieties lessen.  I just could not have imagined this is what being a full time mom would feel like-- it's so much scarier tha…