Isn't it funny how life changes in a short amount of time?

May 20, 2011
March 17, 2012

That is the bench outside of our church.  We took a family picture out front on St. Patrick's Day near the bench and I remembered the picture from our wedding day and decided to stop and take a picture with Presley on the bench!  So much has changed in 10 months and if you would have told me on my wedding day that Tony & I would have a baby 9 months from then, I would have laughed in your face!  (And would have been more careful on our honeymoon!!!!!)  But, everything happens for a reason and now we have Miss Presley! 

I often think about what life would be like right now if we hadn't conceived right away.  I wonder when and if we would have made the decision to have kids; would we be wanting them by now? Would we even be thinking of it?  I also feel like it all happened SO fast and it would have been so nice to breathe and have some time together just the two of us post-wedding... but that's life for you. 

Life is definitely getting easier for me to handle these past few weeks, but especially this last week.  Presley has continued sleeping through the night for a solid week now (YAY, BIG GIRL!) from about 10pm-6am.  I feel so blessed and fortunate to have sleep in my life again!!!  At first, I couldn't IMAGINE going through this newborn stage ever again, but now, it's doable and I can imagine Presley having a sibling someday (God-willing!).  But, if it doesn't happen for us, then I think I could see myself being perfectly happy with just one child.  I just love my sisters so much that I honestly couldn't imagine my life without them and I would want to give Presley that as well, even though I'm sure she will see it as a curse throughout adolescence rather than a gift!  Again, that's life for you!

We went out to dinner last night and got Presley all dressed up and looking sweet as ever!  She behaved so nicely (aka, slept!) while Tony & I ate and then I wanted to get a picture with her when we got home and this is the face she made....

Granted, she was hungry starving by the time we took this picture, but I thought it was pretty hilarious!  Definitely going in the baby book.

My Grampa is having surgery on Monday on his corroded artery.  I think without the surgery he is at a 30% risk of having a stroke, or something along those lines.  So, if you are the praying type and have an extra moment to think of him in prayer, I would appreciate it.  Although my Grampa and I have not always had the closest relationship, life would be much emptier without him.  Grandparents are so special.  It's so sad not being able to spend time with my Grampa Fred or having the opportunity to get to know him as an adult, and it makes me extremely sad nearly kills me that Presley will never know her Grampa Scott.  So, I am really hoping that Grampa Ron leaves surgery healthier and happier than before having it.

On a happier note, the weather is changing outside and I'm so looking forward to enjoying a beautiful spring this year.  I hope to have many outside walks with Presley.  And I also can't wait for Easter next weekend!!!  We're visiting Aunt Jill & Chuck -- it'll be our first road trip with Pres and our first overnight stay away from home... it shall be interesting but I think it'll go smoothly!  My family and I are all so lucky to have Aunt Jill because she makes it a priority to bring the family together for holidays and special occasions and makes sure it happens.  We always have fun visiting them and I can't wait for Presley to get to experience that.

That's about it for now... it's a typical Saturday around here... both Presley & Tony are napping!  I'd like to go do some shopping so off I go!


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