•  Having to go back to school to finish my degree for a measly 5 credit hours.  Reapplying and all kinds of stuff is just giving me a headache at the moment.  Not to mention, imagining myself going to school and doing school work with a needy little one and a husband who works lots of hours.
  • Not fitting into my clothes.  And definitely upset at seeing my stomach post-baby.  I can't believe I was so excited to take a picture of my big belly each week without realizing how bad it'd look afterwards!!!
  • Feeling guilty at the thought of spending time away from my family to work out.  That is an easy way to talk myself out of a work out.
  • Being so far away from my sisters.  They won't get to know Presley at this stage or when she was so tiny.  I'm missing Amanda's whole pregnancy just about.  I don't get to hang out with either one of them.  I could go on and on.  It'd be one thing if they were "just" my sisters, but they are my best friends too so you could understand the reason I look forward to moving back to Tennessee.
  • Feeling like my work has little to no merit.  It's hard to feel like my work every day is worth very much when I look in the mirror at myself in the same sweat pants and t-shirt that I've worn all week with crazy hair and I look like crap!

  •  Seeing Presley smile at Tony (her daddy!) everyday after he gets home from being gone all day at work.  I definitely teared up seeing her do that! 
  • Getting to spend time with my family and introduce them to Presley.  We went to Aunt Jill's for Easter to be with the family we don't get to see as often and she got to meet some of my cousins!
  • Going on walks as a family on the weekends!  It's nice to be all together, to be active, and to be outside while it is so nice out.
  • All the silly faces Presley makes.  She does the cutest things in her sleep and when she's awake, too.  She's also starting to respond to us more and following us with her eyes when we move around the room.
  • Having such an easy going baby girl.  We have the occasional fussy day where she might be having gas, going through a growth spurt where she's hungrier/fussier than usual, or just weird days for whatever reason -- and it makes it so clear that we are so lucky that the majority of days with her are easy-peasy!

I could keep going on these lists (as we all have things that trouble us as well as lift us up), but I'll end the post with some recent pictures of Presley!  The little one is currently napping so I better get some stuff done around here other than blogging!!!

Our little Easter bunny!

Presley meeting the Easter bunny for the first time!
Can't get enough of these silly faces!!! I just can't give her enough kisses.

Our favorite place to walk -- down by the Mississippi River!
She's still got blue eyes -- which is shocking -- I always thought my kids would have brown eyes or at least green/hazel like their dad, but I am thinking she's got her Grampa Mike's blue eyes!


  1. 1st off, take it easy momma! don't stress yourself too much, you just gave birth a couple months ago! make sure you're not hitting the gym too hard. :)

    also about presley's eyes. my hubby and i both have green/hazel eyes, so i thought for sure that our dd's eyes would change at some point. they were blue for the longest time. they stayed solid blue until she was 11 months! she's 20mo now and they're still blue around the edge and sort of greeny gray in the middle :)


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