21 Week Pregnancy Reflection {Baby 2!}

How far along?:  Exactly 21 weeks along in my second pregnancy today! 
19 weeks to go!

I am feeling:  excited!  I really feel like March is gonna be our month.  I feel like it has so much potential - it's a brand new month with new opportunities.  It could be our month to move into OUR home.  My month when it comes to finding a doctor in town and starting to get prenatal care (don't you even get me started on this story - to make a long story short, we've had no health care for the last two months).  It'll be our month to find a new doctor for Presley.  It's our time to settle our roots.  I just have such high hopes for this upcoming month and I hope it doesn't disappoint.  After all, it's been good to us in the past - we started officially dating each other eleven years ago next month!  Instead of feeling anxious and desperate and defeated... for once, when I think of March and our current situation, I just feel excited.

Size of baby:  Baby 2 is the size of a banana this week - 7 inches, 11 ounces and growing!  That makes me hungry for banana pudding!!!  Oh and banana bread.  Might actually have to make some this week.

Movement:  I think I have been feeling Baby 2 for several weeks now but second guessing it.  Well, this week is finally the week that her kicks are no doubt kicks!!!  I hurried Tony over to feel my belly for the first time this pregnancy last night because she kicked 2-3 times over and over in the same spot but of course she stopped as soon as he put his hands on me! 

What I miss most:  Not a whole lot at the moment.  I'm not kidding when I say this pregnancy really hasn't gotten in the way of my every day life.  It isn't that I forget I'm pregnant or anything... but I just feel more normal and capable this time around, I guess.  I don't like feeling so sleepy all the time - but then again Presley has been getting up much earlier than she used to.  I guess I don't like having to pee all times of the day... and just think this will get WORSE!

What I'm excited about:  Oh man, I guess I answered this one by accident a few questions ago!  Don't worry, there is plenty excitement to go around.  I feel very excited when it comes to Baby 2.  I can't wait to see her little features and sweet baby everything!!!  I can't wait to choose a name for this future beauty queen.  (Hopefully soon!!!)  I can't wait to see the gears turning over the next few months for Presley when she realizes she will be a big sister.  I cannot wait to see my babies together.  I can't wait to see my husband become a dad again and hold his 2nd baby in the hospital.  So many mental pictures yet to be taken and I feel so lucky to be in the drivers seat.

Cravings:  Potatoes.  Give me some potato salad with a loaded baked potato with a side of BBQ baked potato and some potato soup.  How about adding some creamy mashed potatoes to the mix.  All of that just sounds amazing.

This excitement thing is a great feeling.  Is this what it feels to be a glass-half-full kinda person?!  Because it must be great to live life feeling hopeful all or most of the time.  And I know I haven't said too much on the blog when it comes to house hunting... that's mostly because we thought we found the ONE and it ended up not working out in our favor.  Every house we've seen since isn't even worth talking about on here... so we may revisit the house again and look at our options more closely.  Hopefully we will rule it completely in or completely out this time around.


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