Baby 3.0: Twelve Weeks

**I meant to post this early last week and never got around to publishing it! So here it is now.

So far in this pregnancy, I've felt sick almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I've also been on medicine this pregnancy (Metformin) so I am thinking that could have something to do with it because when I started the medicine in December it was VERY hard on my stomach. I am hoping since the sickness is getting better these last few days that HOPEFULLY the nausea will go away and stay away for the rest of the pregnancy. Though, it's sometimes a welcome feeling as it's confirmation every morning that the baby is still where it needs to be. I have had horrible nightmares of pregnancy loss to the point where I wake up thinking for sure that I've lost this precious baby. So again, I hate feeling so awful to the point where it has been debilitating many days, but the morning sickness/nausea is something I've been thankful for on many occasions.

Other than that, not a whole lot of symptoms going on. I'm definitely starting to show a little bit more but it's certainly not pronounced yet. Presley continues to be very supportive and understanding when she learns I'm not feeling good. She's at a very good age for this journey. Oh and she's certain this baby is a girl. (Though it might have something to do with the fact that her younger sibling is a girl and her new cousin is a girl as well.)

Since there is not a whole lot to share on the pregnancy front so far, I want to write about finding out that we were expecting this baby.

We went on our family Florida/Disney vacation December 13-21 and once we were back home I started Metformin for my awfully high insulin levels (I think it was insulin....) in hopes to get things back where they were supposed to be. Shortly after we were home my sister gave birth to baby Claire. We decided we would go visit her the weekend of January 23 and my period was due sometime while we'd be gone. I finished packing for the trip not long before we were jumping in the car to go and I grabbed some tampons to add to my bag. I decided to take a pregnancy test just in case. (This is when having an inexpensive supply of pregnancy test strips comes in handy!) My cycles have always been unpredictable so I'm no stranger to pregnancy tests and neither is Tony.

When I looked at the test a few minutes later I was pretty surprised to see an extremely faint second line. I asked Tony to look at it and he confirmed but added that it really was barely there. So from there we jumped in the car to head to my sister's and my mind was reeling. We'd been wanting another child so this was absolutely welcome, but at this point I wasn't even certain if it was a pregnancy or not. I continued to take test after test throughout the weekend and when we got home a few days later I bought a couple nicer tests to confirm. All popped up positive.

My first appointment with my OBGYN was February 10th. I was so happy when I found out we'd be doing an early ultrasound to check everything out. Baby measured right on the mark to the timeline of my last cycle and they gave me a due date of October 1st.

And at our March 10th appointment baby's heartbeat was about 163bpm

We have to make a decision about what hospital we'd like to give birth at - Baptist or Methodist - and we have zero experience at either location. I'm excited to check them out with Tony! Both hospitals sound like great birthing hospitals and they are about 20 minutes from our house. So, my Memphis peeps, any and all feedback on the hospitals are absolutely welcome.

That's it for now. Thanks to everyone for all the kind well wishes! We're very excited for another Duggan baby to add to our clan! I look forward to sharing the next steps in our journey with you all.


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