Happy 10 month birthday, Presley girl!

Showing off her bottom teeth!

 Alright, so, there have been a TON of changes this past month!

  • We've got a big, bad CRAWLER on our hands!  And I'm talking, belly OFF the floor kinda crawling.  One day last week she just decided that she was gonna get a move on and the rest was history.

  • In addition to your 4 beautiful bottom teeth, you will be getting both top teeth in no time, it seems.  One of your top teeth has cut through all the way and the other is not far behind.  Hopefully this won't be too painful of an experience for you - so far you are totally handling it like the champ that you are!

  • Child of mine, you have some SMELLY feet!!!!!  Looks like we're going to have to up the amount of baths you have a week!

  • Your favorite words are "baby" and "dada" and you sure do wear them out!  Sometimes you get too excited and put both words together by saying "bay-da" - very cute!  "Mama" isn't on your radar these days... when and if you do say it, you are often shouting it.

  • You just love your puffs!

  • Just this week you started clapping.  So darn sweet!

    • I believe we will be moving to your bigger car seat pretty soon!  You still fit in your baby one, but you sure are pushing its limits.  I think you will be more comfortable but it will be tough for me... just another indication that you are growing up!

    So, I would be lying if I didn't mention that I am a bit bummed we won't be starting any Christmas traditions for our little family of 3 this year.  Because when I think about how nice a relaxing Christmas at home would be, it sounds pretty darn wonderful.  Plus, babies are just not made for traveling, if you ask me!  Though, I know if we stayed home for Christmas we would end up being pretty damn sad and just wishing we were with my in-laws and sisters the entire time.

    Plus, like my sister and I talked about, our kids are so small now that it won't matter a ton in the big scheme of things... it's not like they will have any true memories about this first Christmas!  So, I am just telling myself that we will have another year to prepare for any and all family Christmas traditions we look forward to sharing together.

    With that said, any sacrifice is worth the reward we'll be gaining because we will be spending time with our family whom we only get to see a few times a year.  That includes traveling to Memphis, Nashville, and possibly Chattanooga (gotta iron out those plans).  We'll be having another big "first" along with Presley's FIRST Christmas and that will be first plane ride!  I'm just a wee bit anxious about how it will go, especially since Presley hates to sit still now that she has started crawling... but she really is such an easy-going kid.  Now, any tips/tricks/advice for flying with a baby in tow - send them my way and don't be shy!  I really would like to take our Boppy with because I can't imagine being without it, but I'm just not sure we'll have room since the plan is (for now) to not check any bags.  We are flying with Delta, which I am super pumped about because they still serve in-flight snacks (SWEET!) and have no problem with us bringing our car seat and stroller (not sure if we'll bring that or not) and neither of those things count towards our carry ons! Woo!

    In other news, we just had our first big snow of the year.  This resulted in Presley and I being home bound all day.  Which resulted in these silly pictures.

    Happy ten months, Presley Rose.  Ten down and only two to go until we're all celebrating your super special first birthday!  Very hard to believe but even more exciting. 


    1. oh my gosh! i love reading updates on you guys!! Presley has such an outstanding disposition, i can't believe how much personality she has at only 10 months! i'm so excited to finally get to meet her & see you guys since your baby shower at Kelly's! (yes, it's been THAT long!) hopefully Pres will handle the plane ride like a champ, happy traveling! love you guys! -kels

      1. You're so sweet, Kelsi! :) I am so sad that you guys didn't get to meet in December and can't believe it has been over a year since we have seen each other. (although, in our defense, we do live a couple states away from each other.) Love you!

    2. WOoooHOOoooo! Yay Presley! All those toofers and crawling and talking to boot! I hope you guys enjoy your first Christmas as a family of 3, looks like we might be staying home as Abi has been sick. We got a diagnosis of reactive airway disease and so we need to figure out her triggers before subjecting her to any well meaning, perfume laden family members. At least we weren't flying anywhere, lol... good luck with your trip! I'm sure Presley will do wonderful! :)

      1. I hope Abi has started to feel better and that RAS doesn't continue to effect her so much! Hope the holidays went well for you three :)

    3. Happy ten months!! Such a big girl :)!!

      1. Thank you so much, Katie! :) Your little man is just growing so fast.


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