Baby 3.0: 19 Weeks + Mother's Day!

Thank goodness we finally felt the baby kicking around this last week. Yep, not just me but Tony, too, felt the baby kick. It couldn't have happened at a more perfect time either. We were in the middle of a conversation about possibly calling the doctor's office the next day - I had a lot of anxiety about being nearly 19 weeks along and not feeling movement - when this baby decides to start kicking me. Tony put his hand on my belly and felt it, too! So wonderful. I'm still not feeling a whole lot of movement or kicking but at least once a day puts my mind at ease.

My "cravings" lately include Taco Bell soft tacos (which is a place I have not eaten at for a long time before this pregnancy), hot Cheetos, and my homemade Shepherd's Pie (though technically I should refer to my recipe as Cottage Pie since I use beef instead of lamb). And if I had to choose what I think I'm having, right now I would choose a boy. But for the record, I thought the same thing when I was pregnant with Presley! We find out on Wednesday and I can not wait to find out! 

19 weeks along carrying baby #3, Molly, and Presley from left to right.

Today was Mother's Day and I hope everyone enjoyed their day. Tony made sure I had no choice but to have a great day and I'm so blessed to have him. I got the best wakeup call and an incredibly thoughtful card from the girls and one from him and a new pair of tennis shoes. We got to relax around the house this morning and met Selena & Mike for a late lunch at Cracker Barrel - which was sooo delicious!!! I love getting all together and I know the girls especially love it. When we got in the car and started heading home Presley told me even though she knew it couldn't be, she wished Grandmommy and Papa could be her parents! So adorable. 

On the way home Tony wanted to drive through Shelby Farms because it's so beautiful. When we came up to the water there were still so many paddle boats out and we've been talking about wanting to do that with the girls for the last several weeks. He parks & hops out of the car to ask about it and comes back with a ticket and told us we were going now! The girls were ECSTATIC. What we didn't really think through was what we were wearing... which was dress shoes for Tony and a dress and sandals for me. And I was in the front of the boat... so anybody out at Shelby Farms this evening who probably got flashed by me - I apologize! Once we were out in the water, Molly decided she didn't want to stay sitting so that coupled with my underwear probably showing the entire time and the wrong choice in footwear for us both, we headed back earlier than we had to. I'm so grateful to be married to a man who doesn't quit... a guy who still looks to surprise me with fun, new, exciting things. 

Couldn't love Molly's serious face more if I tried.
This smile absolutely makes my life so bright.

From start to finish it was a happy day! Certainly not perfect as there were several meltdowns throughout the day from Molly and a few tearful moments from Presley... not to mention my own occasional bad attitude (mostly just the constant underwear flashing ordeal). These girls make me a much better person than I was ever before and I am so glad for every new day we have together. Motherhood over these last four years has been the most difficult and most rewarding experiences... I know it is so cliche to say but I don't know a better way to put it. It has changed everything! Becoming parents has been a catalyst in our marriage in an amazing way and I have never loved Tony more.

And only two more days until we find out a little bit more about our third baby! Happy Mother's Day to every one.


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