17 Week Pregnancy Reflection (Baby 2!)

How far along?:  17 weeks & 2 days... which means there is {roughly} 22 weeks & 5 days to go!

Me, Presley & baby 2 (in womb) - photo taken by daddy today!

And here I was at 17 weeks along with Presley!

I am feeling:  much better that I was during the 1st trimester.  I am feeling anxious for all the life changes we have coming up in the next few months.  But mostly, I just feel like a mom more than I feel like I am pregnant.  I just get caught up in the day-to-day of our life that I forget to sit down and reflect on my super awesome 2nd pregnancy.

Size of the baby:  This week the baby is the size of a sweet potato!  This makes me hungry for my mom's sweet potato fluff... minus about half the sugar.  So, essentially I'm hungry for my mom's sweet potato fluff the way my sister, Amanda, makes it!  Hahaha.

Our first lady holding a sweet potato... she is one of my favorite people!

Total weight +/-Haaa!  Can't believe I felt the need to share this with the world last time around.  Definitely not something I want to talk about or even keep track of.  I love the freedom of just not needing to step on the scale... it's great!

Movement:  I have had several moments within the last week where I thought I felt the baby moving but nothing yet that has convinced me 100%.  I'm not going to lie, that makes me pretty nervous.  Last time around I believe I was around 16 weeks along when I felt Presley move for the first time and most of the literature I've read thus far states that 2nd-time moms usually feels kicks "sooner" than the previous pregnancy.  Greeeeat!  Trying not to worry until I concretely have anything to worry about.

What I miss most:  sleep.  Already.  I'm always tired.  I have not been sleeping great at all lately.  It doesn't help we are sharing a room with Presley for the time being or that I don't have my pregnancy pillow (it's in storage!) or that I just can't get comfortable.  I hear everything at night... their breathing and movement and all that jazz... so I finally went out today and bought some ear plugs.  It certainly can't hurt!!!  And trust me, with Presley on the other side of the bed from me, she makes very certain I hear her wake up every morning.  Usually in song!!!  It is hilarious.  I can't help but wake up and smile.

What I'm excited about:  hopefully finding a doctor in town soon once we get insurance figured out.  State insurance is taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R to kick in and Tony's benefits are non-existent until his first 90 days are up.  So in short, I have gone WAY too long without seeing a doctor.  I think I am just going to call around, see who accepts Medicaid, and go ahead and get set up before the insurance kicks in.  That way I won't be waiting around until they finally have their stuff together and they can just back pay.  I am getting way waay too nervous to go any longer without being seen.  Just a few more weeks until the gender scan is usually scheduled!!!  Don't want to miss that by too long.  I'm excited to get into a HOUSE.  I am just PRAYING that God has it in our plans to become homeowners in the month of February!!!!

Cravings:  BBQ baked potatoes!  Thank you Germantown Commissary for curing that craving!  YUM YUM!  Aside from that... still loving the freezer section garlic cheese bread... what a weirdo.  Had quite a few Quaker Oats Chocolate Chip granola bars this week as well.  All super healthy stuff, as you can see. ;)

That's about it for us here lately.  Just really need to get moving on the home-buying process but there are some hurdles we need to get over first.  After that is should be relatively smooth sailing... or so I hope!!!  Thanks to my awesome cousin, Breanne, for encouraging me to keep up with these posts and to my wonderful mother-in-law, Selena, for encouraging me to take regular photos of my belly this time around so baby 2 doesn't feel left out on the fun!!!  Love you all!


  1. Uggh, you're giving me second time baby fever and I don't want it!!!! (Not cause I don't love babies but because I'm not ready for another, yet you're making me itch!) I am so, so, so excited for you and your family Ali! I'm so glad we've become blog friends, even though we such at keeping in touch with each other at times. You're always gonna be one of my favorite ladies and favorite mamas. Can't wait to see what this next chapter brings for you, and fingers crossed for a house and insurance and everything!

    1. I love you so much, Sean!!! :)

      And I totally know what you mean about getting baby fever and not wanting it!!! :) That's how I felt last May when the wheels started turning and talk of trying for baby #2. I would love for us to be going through pregnancy again together... not gonna lie even one bit there :) :) So thankful to have you in my life - no matter the capacity or how long we go between talking or how frequent - you are just a great one.

  2. I'm glad things are going smoothly! Aside from the insurance stuff anyway. I hope you get that figured out soon!


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