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July 2013:
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September 2013:
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October 2015:
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*guest posts

As Marriage Monday develops more and more each week, I'd love for you to consider contributing!  I am looking for any type of post pertaining to the topic of marriage - whether it be your general thoughts, observations, or advice; maybe you are single or engaged and would like to share your hopes for marriage; sharing the story of how you and your significant other met or the story of your proposal; offering ways to stay connected to one another, date ideas on a budget, or special moments within your marriage; or anything that you feel passionate about.

Once a week, I want to focus on marriage.  Every marriage.  Because each union is so extremely special and we all deserve encouragement to keep our marriages on track.  It's so very easy to get swept up into the monotony of the day-to-day and forget just how important it is to acknowledge our significant others and their need to feel adored.  If we married folks don't start supporting our spouses and our marriages, who will?  Tony and I have been married just under two years and it's funny how quickly that "wedded bliss" magic wears off... not just within our marriage but our "magical" appeal to others as well.

And that is 100% absolutely okay!  It is unrealistic to go into a marriage expecting to stay on that honeymoon high for the rest of our lives.  Because without the valleys we can't have the peaks now can we?  It is important to me that Tony and I actively care for our marriage; to make being together fun and functional.  It is important to me to support our friends and family members' marriages to aid in health and happiness.  It's important to me to be a light for those who are moving towards marriage in the future, even in the slightest way.
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If you feel moved to contribute, you can contact me at with any questions, concerns, or just to chat.  I welcome everyone - whether you are single, engaged, dating, married, gay, straight, divorced, widowed - to me, love knows no bounds and I would love to feature what's on your heart.  Chasing Moonlight & Roses humbly averages between 6,500-7,500 views per month, so it can be a nice little plug for your blog, cause, or simply a space to be heard!

Likewise, if you would like for me to tackle a specific marriage-related topic or issue for an upcoming Marriage Monday, e-mail me about it!  (All e-mails will remain anonymous unless directly stated otherwise.)


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