What No One Tells the Bride Q&A

My answers to the questions I posted yesterday will be in purple and Tony's will be in blue with any commentary from me in green.  We both filled these out separately before we swapped answers!

How has having a baby affected the fun you and your husband have together?
If anything, I’d say that it has really caused us to realize how valuable our alone time is together.  Now, that’s not to say that we make the most of our time together, because at the end of most days neither one of us have the energy to do much!  I feel like it has strengthened our bond as husband and wife in a way that I could have never imagined – we are the two people who love Presley most and that is a very powerful feeling!

Well we can’t just get up and go do something anymore lol. We used to go to the movies sometimes, just out of the blue. Or go to a late dinner somewhere. Now we are always on a time limit of some sort and our priorities have changed drastically. 

What do you like best about spending time away from your husband?
The thing I like most about spending time apart is having a chance to miss each other!  Being able to really appreciate the time we have together by spending occasional time apart is a great feeling.  I also like spending time with my girlfriends and sharing certain things with them so Tony doesn’t feel like he has to tend to each and every one of my emotional needs!  Something about girl talk just leaves me feeling so rejuvenated and HUMAN again.  (But honestly, I am one of those people who spend TOO much time with their partner without realizing how healthy it is to detach for a little while because he is my best friend!)

I wouldn’t say I “like” spending time away from my wife. I enjoy our time together and we have a lot of fun when we are around each other and I think we make each other happy. I enjoy going out with my friends from work every once in a while and being able to see them outside of work place and actually be able to converse.

What do you think is the secret of your being happy in a marriage?
I really love the advice to be mindful how you treat each other EVERY part of the day – in every moment.  Because before you know it, how you talk to each other in those short moments and brief interactions is how you treat one another all the time.  I think making each other feel special, attractive, and as a real priority in your life is a MUST in being happy together.  Also, trying hard to keep laughter in your marriage!  If you can laugh at each other and at yourself and allow one another to be silly, then you are allowing each other to be their true selves!

For me I would say probably forgiveness, making each other laugh and actually spending time together. Nothing beats being able to laugh and share all your inside jokes with your significant other. That is the person who you see the most and should enjoy spending time with. And when I say forgiveness, I basically mean about simple things, like forgetting to empty the trash or leaving a drink out on the counter all night or forgetting their mouth guard and grinding their teeth half the night…forgiveness =)
(Ooh, I LOVE that answer - forgiveness for those "little" things and letting your partner "off the hook" is soo vital!)

What has your husband done recently that made you really happy?
He’s so great about making sure my car is clean (snow & salt are the worst!) which I appreciate so much but often take for granted because it’s something he enjoys doing.  What makes the biggest impact on me is how he wakes up at 4am every morning without EVER hearing a single complaint and heads into work so that he can take care of me and Presley.  It just makes me dizzy thinking about how much Tony deeply cares for us each day.  Oh, and over the weekend, he cleaned a sink full of dirty dishes!  Eat your hearts out, ladies.

She just bought me my first massage for Valentine’s Day! That was pretty cool! And she also bought me an awesome Father’s Day gift where I get to drive a Ferrari!!! So that made me very very very happy! She pretty much knows me better than anyone.  (Reason #2 that I love my husband, he let's me know I am his best friend & treats me as one.)

What has been the most disconcerting change in you since you got married?
Well, I would definitely say my appearance, especially since becoming a mother.  Even when I do find the time to focus on my appearance, I just really feel like, “What’s the point?”  I used to care so much more about my clothes, make-up, and about working out but that has all drastically changed since becoming pregnant and then a mother – which was just after we got married.  It is something I would like to work on PRONTO.  I also miss having alone time for date nights out.  Oh, and we spend far too much time in front of electronics these days (phones, TV, or computer).

Hmm. I would like to think that I haven’t changed much since I have gotten married. We were together for such a long time before the marriage; I don’t think there was much of a change for us. Maybe my wife will have a different answer than that though lol. Like I said, she knows me better than anyone.

I love moments when my husband and I can each take inventory of our relationship like this - it's so beneficial to hear the things that are on my husband's heart and mind.  It's nice to see if we end up on the same page and also seeing where our opinions differ - it's nice to see your marriage from a separate set of eyes.  I hope you enjoyed our answers and that you get the chance to answer these questions and possibly coax your significant other into taking part as well!  If you'd like, you can link back to the original Marriage Monday post with this button!  *This isn't limited to married couples, either, if you would like to fill out the questions that apply to you and your fiance or boyfriend, I would love to hear your views!  All are always welcome!*

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